Hey y’all! I did a series of posts about personality traits for different zodiac signs, with the idea that they could inspire fictional characters in your writing. For everyone’s convenience, this post links to all of the ones in the series. (I formatted some of these differently than others, but I’m not changing it. I’m not a Virgo.) Click on the name of the sign to take you to the post!

ARIES (independent, energetic, arrogant)

TAURUS (loyal, generous, self-indulgent)

GEMINI (clever, entertaining, shallow)

CANCER (emotional, nurturing, moody)

LEO (fun, honorable, vain)

VIRGO (analytical, intelligent, critical)

LIBRA (just, charming, naive)

SCORPIO (passionate, intense, suspicious)

SAGITTARIUS (adventurous, freedom-loving, cocky)

CAPRICORN (disciplined, serious, shy)

AQUARIUS (humanitarian, unconventional, unpredictable)

PISCES (empathetic, intuitive, irresolute)

Thanks to everyone who read along and commented on this series! Happy writing!