Welcome to the third installment in my astrology series for writers! Of all the zodiac signs, Geminis may introduce the most possibilities for fun. They have a love and a gift for change, and wherever you put them, they’re going to shake things up.


A Gemini character will always shake up your story! #writingtips #zodiac

Here are some positive traits of a Gemini:









And here are some not-so-positive traits:








As a co-worker, a Gemini will make the day fly by with his entertaining stories and shenanigans. Because he’s so clever, he might be able to find a last-minute solution to a dire problem–and his solution may involve a little fast talking or trickery. If you need someone to give a charming presentation, Gemini is your guy.

He’s not particularly loyal to the company, though. The whole time he’s there, he might be asking himself if he really ought to be somewhere else. He’s unlikely to stay in one job for years, unless it offers lots of new adventures and experiences.

As a lover, a Gemini excels at flirting and sparkling, witty banter. She initiates fun, inventive interludes in the bedroom, or in even more adventurous locations. However, it might be very hard to get her to commit.

Gemini parents are great at entertaining their children, but might not be so good at expressing the depths of their paternal or maternal love.

As villains, Geminis are devious tricksters. It might take everyone else a while to realize they are villains at all. Although they might have a variety of motives, it’s possible that they might just delight in messing with people.

Here are some pop culture examples of clever, entertaining Geminis!

Holly Golightly.
Zodiac Traits - Writing a GEMINI Character!
Peter Pan.
Zodiac Traits - Writing a GEMINI Character!

Ferris Bueller.
Zodiac Traits - Writing a GEMINI Character!

Captain Jack Sparrow.
Zodiac Traits - Writing a GEMINI Character!

The Cat in the Hat.
Zodiac Traits - Writing a GEMINI Character!

Zodiac Traits - Writing a GEMINI Character!
Do you know any Geminis who really fit the personality type? Let me know in the comments section! Thanks for reading, and happy writing!

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