Hi friends! Welcome to my final post about using zodiac signs to create fictional characters. Whether you believe in astrology or not, it’s a fun way for writers to think about character development.

I promised I would finish up this series before the end of the year. In before the lock!

Let’s take a look at Pisces, the sign of two fish swimming in different directions.


Zodiac Traits -- Write a Pisces Character! Use the personality type from astrology for character development in your writing. #writingtips

Here are some good qualities of a Pisces:







And here are some not-so-good qualities:






prone to depression

As a friend…

A Pisces is a kind, caring friend who always knows when something’s wrong. He’s good at empathizing with others’ problems. Unfortunately, he might be so good at it that he seeks out friends with big problems, which can lead to him feeling drained or used.

As a lover…

A Pisces has that je ne sais quoi that attracts others to her. She’s devoted and a true romantic! Her accepting attitude may lead her to make some poor choices, and her emotional nature may make her partner sometimes feel like they have to walk on eggshells.

As a parent…

A Pisces may take naturally to parenthood. He’ll give his kids unconditional love, and he’ll have no problem escaping with them into stories and games of make-believe. However, he may not be that great at teaching kids to deal with adversity.

As a villian…

A Pisces antagonist may have an exaggerated sense of her own victimhood, which leads her to retaliate. Alternately, she may hurt others in her quest for martyrdom.

Here are a few examples of characters who seem to fit the empathetic, intuitive, and possibly irresolute Pisces profile! (Note that I don’t take into account when fictional characters were supposedly born… this is all about personality traits.)

Charles Xavier, the X-Men movies.

Zodiac Traits -- Write a PISCES Character! #writing #personality types #astrology

Ann Perkins, Parks and Recreation.

Zodiac Traits -- Write a PISCES Character! #writing #personality types #astrology

Phyllis Smith, The Office.

Zodiac Traits -- Write a PISCES Character! #writing #personality types #astrology

Willow Rosenberg, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Zodiac Traits -- Write a Pisces Character! #writing #personality types #astrology


I wish I could think of more examples of male characters from pop culture, because Goddess knows I find empathetic, intuitive men really appealing.

Do you have any thoughts about Pisces? Let me know in the comments. Happy writing!

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