I will admit that of all the zodiac signs, Libra is the hardest one for me to pin down. But if I’m understanding the classic Libra personality type correctly, Libras themselves can be hard to pin down, because they go back and forth on decisions and often want to get along with everyone.

Let’s take a look at Libra characteristics! (And remember, I don’t necessarily believe in astrology — this is just for character development for writers.)

 Zodiac Traits: Write a Libra Character! #character development #writing #astrology
Here are some positive traits of a Libra:
good taste


And here are some not-so-positive traits:
unable to say no
As a friend…

A Libra is a great friend. He likes to get together, he talks and listens in equal measure, and he knows how to throw an elegant party. If you’re having a conflict with a mutual acquaintance, though, he may try to mediate rather than taking your side — which can be frustrating if you’re sure the other person is in the wrong.

As a lover…

A romantic Libra seeks her soul mate, and she may fall in love with the wrong person several times before finding him or her. In a relationship, she’ll do her best to get along and avoid stupid fights. She may love frivolous romantic gifts such as roses, chocolate, and champagne — the highest quality, please.

As a parent…

A Libra parent is loving and sentimental. She doesn’t get upset about small issues, and she may spoil her kids a little with extravagant or unecessary gifts. She wants to teach her children about fairness, but she also values harmony in her own home, which may lead to an inconsistent approach to discipline.

As a villain…

A Libra antagonist may mistakenly believe he’s bringing about a fair or peaceful long-term solution, when he’s actually just being a traitor. He may be duped into collaborating with an evil mastermind.

Here are a few examples of just, charming, and maybe somewhat naive Libra characters.

Anna, Frozen

Zodiac Traits - Write a Libra Character! #writing #astrology

Castiel, Supernatural

Zodiac Traits - Write a Libra Character! #writing #astrology

Deanna Troi, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Zodiac Traits: Write a Libra Character! #character development #writing #astrology

Legolas, Lord of the Rings

Zodiac Traits - Write a Libra Character! #writing #astrology

I want to say Superman, especially since Libra is an air sign, although Superman’s lack of flaws makes him difficult to categorize. (He is probably more flawed in Man of Steel, but I didn’t see it.)

Zodiac Traits - Write a Libra Character! #writing #astrology

If you have any thoughts on Libra types, let me know in the comments. Happy writing!

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