Hey there! This is part of a series on developing fictional characters using supposed traits of zodiac signs. Whether you believe in astrology or not, it’s a fun way to think about it. Today we’re looking at Scorpio!

Scorpio is a common personality type for romance heroes – so much so that if your romance hero is a Scorpio, you’re going to need to make sure he’s a well-rounded character and not a brooding stereotype. Scorpios also make great villians.

Zodiac Traits - Write a SCORPIO Character! - Bryn Donovan #astrology #writing

Here are some positive traits of a Scorpio:






And here are some not-so-positive traits:


obsessed with the past




As a friend…

A Scorpio pal may be complex and sometimes difficult to understand, but she’s loyal to you. If anyone does you wrong, you may forgive and forget… but your Scorpio friend probably won’t.

As a lover…

There’s no subtle way to say this: sex with a Scorpio is going to be forceful, emotional, and smoking hot. However, his secretive nature may drive you up a wall, and his jealousy and possessiveness may get out of control.

As a parent…

Scorpio parents will allow their kids a certain amount of freedom, and they’ll know right away when something’s troubling their child. They’ll also know right away if their child gets in trouble.

As a villain…

A Scorpio antagonist may have completely unfounded suspicions that lead her to hurt someone. A Scorpio villain may be obsessed with a past injustice, and it might be one that doesn’t seem like such a big deal to anyone else.

Here are some examples of passionate, intense Scorpio characters!


Zodiac Traits - Write a SCORPIO Character #character development #astrology

April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation.

Zodiac Traits - Write a SCORPIO Character #character development #astrology

Mr. Rochester from Jayne Eyre. (Note: personally, I think Mr. Rochester is an example of a Scorpio villain. Michael Fassbender may be an abusive piece of shit and if so, he is pretty well cast as Rochester.)

Zodiac Traits - Write a SCORPIO Character #character development #astrology

Natasha/Black Widow from the Avengers. (I love Black Widow even more than I detest Mr. Rochester.)

Zodiac Traits - Write a SCORPIO Character #character development #astrology

Are you a Scorpio, and if so, do you fit the classic profile? Do you have any thoughts about Scorpio characters? Let us know in the comments. Happy writing!

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