A couple of weeks back, I wrote this post about the importance of rewarding yourself when you’re trying to start a good habit…or break a bad habit. This is basic brain science.

Naturally, good habits can be their own reward, but most of us benefit from extra reinforcement!

A couple of people have reached out to ask me for ideas for rewards. One of them was looking for ways to reward himself for losing weight and reaching weight loss milestones. Rewards can really work as motivation and inspiration for accomplishments as well as support for daily habits.




I believe just framing something mentally as a reward can help reinforce good habits (such as exercise or writing) and help you break a bad habit (whether it’s alcohol, smoking, another addiction, or losing your temper for no very good reason.)

The first 25 on this list are small, cheap rewards–some don’t cost any money at all! Then I have 15 medium-sized rewards and 10 big ones. Some of them are also good self-care ideas.

I know not everything on this list is going to work for everyone. We all like different things, and we all have different circumstances. I hope you can find a few things here that work for you!



50 Ways to Reward Yourself #treat yo self #accomplishing a goal #self-care activities #besides eating #cheap #how to



1.  A new book. You knew I’d make this #1, right? Even if you’re on a budget, you can find good ebook deals. Or treat yourself with a free visit to the library!

2. An hour devoted to reading. Or make it a whole afternoon…what a luxury!

3. Watching a movie–at the theatres, or at home.


50 Ways to Reward Yourself #treat yo self #accomplishing a goal #self-care activities #besides eating #cheap #how to


4. Watching an hour of something you love–whether it’s a couple of episodes of a TV show, or nonstop kitten videos.

5. A magazine or two.

6. New socks. (Confession: I’m addicted to the fuzzy kind.)

7. A movie…in the theatres or at home.

8. A home beauty treatment, like a face mask, hair conditioning treatment, or body scrub.

9. A meditation recording or video.

10. Fresh flowers.

11. A walk in a park…or in the woods, if they’re close by.

12. A visit to a museum. Lots of them have free days!

13. New stickers for your planner, if you’re a planner addict.

14. An hour playing videogames or computer games.




15. A nap.

16. A new journal.

17. Fifteen minutes of journalling is a quick reward that gets your creative juices flowing.

18.  And fifteen minutes of doing nothing but listening to beautiful music–classical, jazz, or New Age–is a reward that refreshes your brain.

19. Take some time exploring new music and make a new playlist.

20. A visit to a coffee shop, complete with your favorite fancy drink order.

21. An afternoon indulging in a craft of hobby.


50 Ways to Reward Yourself #treat yo self #accomplishing a goal #self-care activities #besides eating #cheap #how to


22.A coloring or doodling session.

23. Watch the sun rise or sun set. (Watching sunrises is a personal favorite of mine.)

24. A coffee mug with a saying that cracks you up.

25. Give yourself a whole day where you don’t think negative thoughts about yourself. Look, if self-flagellation is really so important, it can wait until tomorrow.



26. Dinner at a restaurant you really like.

27. A manicure or pedicure. (This isn’t just for women…it’s for anyone who likes to look well-groomed and get a nice hand or foot massage.)

28. Something new for your home or office: a framed print, a sparkly geode, or a bit of geek decor. Whatever inspires you!

29. A new outfit. If you’re rewarding yourself for sticking to your workout goals, this could be athletic wear.

30. A new pair of shoes.

31. A gorgeous water bottle…great for fitness and health goals.

32. New underwear. It could be novelty boxers or pretty lingerie.

33. A candle with a scent that uplifts you.

34. An amazing new perfume or cologne.

35. Give yourself a trophy!


36. A new purse or laptop bag.

37. A massage.

38. Go to a baseball game.

39. Take a day off to relax and do whatever you want. Get babysitting if necessary.



40. A high-tech item you’ve been wanting for a while.

41. A concert, performance, or high-ticket sporting event.

42. A clean house…call a housekeeping service.

43. A night or two at a hotel or B&B.

44. A party. This could be big, but it could also be small–just a few friends to celebrate an accomplishment!

45. A hot air balloon ride.


50 Ways to Reward Yourself #treat yo self #accomplishing a goal #self-care activities #besides eating #cheap #how to


46. A tattoo.

47. A meaningful piece of jewelry.

48. A professional photo shoot to give you great pictures of your amazing self.

49. A new car.

50. A dream vacation.


50 Ways to Reward Yourself #treat yo self #accomplishing a goal #self-care activities #besides eating #cheap #how to


Do you have ideas about how to reward yourself? Let us know in the comments and add to the list! Thanks for reading, and have a great week!