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Today I’m sharing an excerpt from a project I’m finally getting back to, The Equinox Stone. It’s a sequel to The Phoenix Codex, and it does contain massive spoilers for book one.

In this story, Michael came back to life after being presumed dead, but he didn’t have his memories. This excerpt takes place right after he regains them–and they’re extremely vivid.


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Michael and Val stepped inside and found Jonathan in the kitchen.

“Hey,” he said. “You guys have a bottle opener?”

Michael froze, and Val’s eyes widened.

Jonathan looked from one of them to the other. “What’s wrong?”

Emotion welled up in Michael’s chest. His brother had wept to find him alive again, and he’d done his best to help him remember himself—even, impossibly, bringing him into his own psyche. Michael strode over to him and pulled him into a hard hug.

Jonathan returned the embrace reflexively, but he was stiff. Michael stepped back.

“What happened?” Jonathan asked, his voice as stony as his expression.

“Everyone’s okay,” Val blurted out. “Cassie’s fine.”

Christos. He’d thought somebody had died.

“I remember,” Michael said.

Jonathan stared at him. “You have some memory back? How much?”

“All of it. Everything.”

His jaw dropped. “How?—That’s great!” He gripped Michael’s shoulder. “You’re okay? How do you feel?”

A little unsteady. “I could use a beer.”

Val made herself some tea while Michael explained what had happened. He left out the kiss, though he couldn’t help but cast a quick glance in her direction. If she was offended by the omission, she didn’t show it. She sat down at the table as he described how she’d gathered up and quieted the memories.

Jonathan asked her, “How did you know how to do it?”

She shrugged. “I did what made sense to me. Like when his psyche was breaking up before.”

He closed his eyes briefly. “Your instincts are so good. You’ve kept him together.” It made Michael uncomfortable to think about how indebted he was to her.

Jonathan looked at him again and frowned. “You remember Urraca Mesa. I don’t know what to say.”

The memory swallowed Michael—the stench of the place, his terror.

Jonathan looked down at his beer, apparently taking his silence for condemnation. Shit. He had to get hold of himself.

“You should’ve shot me,” Michael said. That was the protocol when someone was possessed.

“Yeah, I know.” Jonathan’s mouth quirked upward. “Glad I didn’t.”

“Me, too.” Michael cast around for the right words. “It wasn’t your fault. We do our best. You more than anyone.”

“Do you remember—before the spell was reversed?”

“When I was dust?” Val flinched at his bluntness. “Only a little.” This one recollection, at least, was hazy, unable to overwhelm him. “I remember not being able to be a person. Scattered, with no one who could see me or hear me—not really being able to think.” He shrugged. “Hopeless.”

Val pressed her fingers to her lips.

Christos,” Jonathan muttered.

“It couldn’t have been easy for you, either. I remember the time you were shot…”

It came back to him in flashes, obliterating his surroundings. Jonathan bleeding out on the ground. Sitting in the hospital room with his unconscious brother hooked up to machines, after the doctor had talked to him about infection and organ failure. Michael’s throat closed up and his eyes burned.

“What’s wrong?” Jonathan asked, leaning forward. His question jogged Michael back into reality.

“Nothing.” He shook his head. “Everything feels like it just happened.”


Bryn Donovan WIP Wednesday bryndonovan.com #where can I post my writing #places to share my stories #work #feedback


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