Hey, welcome back to my series about character development based on zodiac signs! If you’re new to the series, let me explain that I don’t necessarily believe in astrology (and I don’t necessarily not believe in it), and the personality type for your sign may not fit you. This is just a way to think about creating characters. Let’s take a look at the classic characteristics of a Leo!


Zodiac Traits - Write a LEO Character #astrology #writing

Here are some positive traits of a Leo:
And here are some not-so-positive traits:

As a friend…

Like a ray of sunshine, a Leo has a way of making everyone around her feel better. Her warm heart and her appetite for life make her a wonderful friend. She may expect her friends to act like a fan club, however, and in a group of friends, she wants to be the most powerful one.

As a lover…

A Charismatic Leo is easy to love, and his innate sense of honor makes him a trustworthy lover. He’s not shy about declaring his feelings, and he craves attention, compliments, and loving words in return. Depending on his partner, his need to take charge may or may not be welcome in the bedroom. In other situations, it will probably cause occasional aggravation.

As a parent…

A Leo instills confidence in his children, and his indulgent sense of humor makes him beloved. He makes his children feel like princes and princesses, but he expects to rule the house like a king.

As a villain…

A Leo villain may be out to prove to everyone how great she really is, and get the admiration she deserves. Her sense of honor may have been perverted, and she may believe that if she’s in power or is the center of attention, that will be best for everyone.

Here are some pop culture examples of fun, honorable, and maybe just a little vain Leos.

Thor, from the Marvel movies (my favorite Avenger, by the way.)

Zodiac Traits - Write a Leo Character! #astrology #character development #writing

Derek Morgan, Criminal Minds.

Zodiac Traits - Write a Leo Character! #astrology #character development #writing

Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec.

Zodiac Traits - Write a Leo Character! #astrology #character development #writing

(Bonus: Chris Traeger being overdramatic, in Leo fashion.)

Zodiac Traits - Write a Leo Character! #astrology #character development #writing

Arthur from the BBC’s Merlin.

Zodiac Traits - Write a Leo Character! #astrology #character development #writing


I could not think of any examples of female characters with this personality type, and I am really irritated about that, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments! Happy writing!

ETA: One of my readers in the comments section suggested Samantha from Sex and the City. Spot on, Robert. Thank you!

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