The people who get my newsletter already know about this! I’m really excited about it. My book MASTER LISTS FOR WRITERS: Thesauruses, Plots, Character Traits, Names, and More is going to be for sale on Monday, October 26.

This book is designed to help people get inspired, stay inspired, vary their approaches, and most of all, write faster. I can’t stand it when I spend so long searching for just the right gesture, phrase, or description that I lose my momentum!

It began as some of my most popular blog posts, including Master List of Facial Expressions (longer and better organized in the book) and Master List of Physical Descriptions. Here are some of the other lists:

Master List of Emotional Descriptions (vivid ways to convey emotion)

Master List of Evocative Images

Master Lists of Sounds and Scents, for evoking settings

500 Words for Writing Action Scenes

175 Master Plots (Romance, High-Stakes, Family, and Workplace)

50 Character Goals and Aspirations (useful for plot development as well as character development)

25 Plot Twists

25 Plot Points That Crack Readers Up

50 Ways to Show Attraction and 50 Ways to Show Animosity

50 Ways to Show a Character Is a Good Person and 25 Ways to Show a Character Is a Jerk

Words and Expressions from Medieval England and Victorian England (for writing authentic historical dialogue)

100 Positive Character Traits, and 100 Negative Character Traits

100 Character Quirks

lists of contemporary character names, and historical names from many eras…

Plus a lot more!

The great thing about lists is that they spark your imagination. You can use anything right out of the book, and the lists will make you think of many other possibilities, too.

This book has been a true labor of love, and I think it’s going to be a great resource for fiction writers in any genre as well as scriptwriters. I hope you check it out!