I have a real interest in naming fictional characters, which was why I compiled the master list of historically accurate Regency era names a little while ago. For this list of sexy names for men, I consulted various online forums where people discuss their opinions on names. You can use them for naming a romance novel hero, or for any

        Badass Latin phrases are so satisfying, and I guess it’s not surprising. Latin mottos are appealing as tattoos for a number of different reasons. First of all, obviously, these sayings have endured the test of time. They’ve been meaningful to Western civilization for centuries, so you’re not likely to grow tired of them quickly. Additionally, because

This is a really big list of historically accurate Regency names for anyone looking for old-fashioned baby names, anyone writing a novel set in England in the Regency era, or even anyone writing Bridgerton fanfic. (And if you are interested in writing a novel set in 1800s England, check out my 50 Plot Ideas from Regency and Victorian Novels .)