Yesterday, Mr. Donovan and I celebrated an anniversary. Like any couple who’s been together for a very long time, we’ve been through some challenges. We are happier together than ever, and I thought I’d write about why, the way some other bloggers have done. I do know that in a lot of ways, I’m just plain lucky to have married the right person.

This list focuses on thriller plot ideas and crime stories, but many of the ideas could be also used in other genres, such as mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and romantic suspense. I thought of these as writing prompts for adults, but I’ve learned that some teenage writers have used them, too! [AdSense-B] I had a lot of fun making this

When I was finishing up my MFA in Creative Writing, I had no job prospects. My experience impressed no one. Besides being an instructor at the university, I had been a cocktail waitress, a breakfast waitress at a place called The Eggery that was perpetually out of eggs, an artists’ model, a retail worker, and a person who pestered shoppers to take surveys

Whether you believe in astrology or not, the personality types of zodiac signs have resonated with people for centuries, and that makes them interesting and useful for a writer. I don’t necessarily believe in it, but then again, I do fit Aquarius very well, so who knows? For these posts, I’m focusing on the most commonly discussed attributes for each zodiac

A year or two ago, someone in one of my writing groups told me she didn’t like to smile too much because of the gap between her front teeth. I pointed out that some extremely attractive celebrities have imperfect teeth, such as Anthony Mackie… and Tom Hardy. I understood how she felt, though. When I was growing up, my parents