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This is a scene from The Equinox Stone, the second book in a series, which is coming out later this year. Val is an empath who usually works a safe, secure job, and she’s volunteered for a mission. She’s talking with Cassie, is the heroine of book 1, The Phoenix Codex.



“I’m scared,” Val blurted out. “I don’t know why I said I’d do this. I’ve never been on a mission before.”

Cassie’s mouth quirked upward. “I know the feeling.”

“It’s not the same. You know how to use a gun.” Val had never even touched one. “You can make bears attack people. I’m just a—girl in a poofy dress with a lot of emotions.”

Cassie’s brow furrowed in a slight, concerned frown. It reminded Val, actually, of Jonathan. She was pretty sure it was a new expression for Cassie. Those two shared the kind of connection that many people never found.

Irritation pricked at Val. She doesn’t even know how lucky she is.

But no, that wasn’t right. Cassie did know. She’d been through a bad marriage.

I’m jealous. They had what Val didn’t, and she wanted it. The simple, petty truth shamed her. Val loved Jonathan like a brother, and she cared about Cassie, too. She’d given thanks to the Goddess that the two had found one another.

Cassie said, “Samir told me you were the most powerful person in El Dédalo.”

“What?” The statement startled Val out of her thoughts like a slap. Samir mentored Cassie now, so they spent a lot of time together, but why would they discuss her? If anyone at the headquarters was powerful—besides, of course, Capitán Renaud, who had complete command of them all—it was Samir himself, and Freya, the trained warriors whose telekinesis allowed them to hurl objects using only their thoughts. And Cassie, despite her lack of training, wouldn’t be too far down on the list.

“You can go into anyone’s psyche,” Cassie said. “You can learn anyone’s secrets without them even knowing about it. Even Capitán’s.”

“I would never.”

Cassie laughed at her shocked tone. “But you could if you wanted to, right?”

She wasn’t even sure. She’d never been able to sense his emotions; she’d always assumed, without considering it too closely, that his psyche was somehow shut off as well.

Cassie said, “Didn’t you tell me once you could kill a person with your mind?”

“That’s not exactly what I said.” There were theories that someone with strong enough abilities might be able to do that, with enough training, but it didn’t matter. She hadn’t been trained for that at all, because no one had ever expected her to have to fight anyone. Val’s chest tightened with anxiety.

“You’re a powerful woman,” Cassie said. “Poofy dress or no poofy dress.”


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