In one of my early blog posts, I shared a playlist for writers working on a high fantasy or a medieval historical novel. I wanted to make another one! The last playlist had a definite European flavor. This one is slightly more multicultural, and longer — a little over two hours of music for writing inspiration. A commenter on this blog, Annabel, suggested some of these. Thanks so much, Annabel!

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I’ve linked to each song on iTunes, and if if you have Spotify, you can just listen to the whole playlist here. I hope it inspires you to epic stories about dragons, elves, swords, sorcery, or whatever you like!


Writer Playlist: MUSIC TO INSPIRE YOU WHILE YOU WRITE YOUR EPIC FANTASY NOVEL. Over 2 hours of songs! #writing #playlist for writing #music for inspiration #NaNoWriMo



“Garador’s Flight,” Jo Blankenburg

“Illumielle,” Jo Blankenburg

“Gryphonheart,” Jo Blankenburg

“A Wedding Interrupted,” Tan Dun, Yo-Yo Ma

“Through the Bamboo Forest,” Tan Dun, Yo-Yo Ma

“Sorcerer’s Dream,” Sound Adventures

“Gwen & Arthur,” Rob Lane

“Dance of Hope,” Hossein Alizadeh

“The Sky,” Hossein Alizadeh

“The Escape,” Hossein Alizadeh

“Prince Caspian Flees,” Harry Gregson-Williams

“The Kings and Queens of Old,” Harry Gregson-Williams

“The Door in the Air,” Harry Gregson-Williams

“The Guardian,” White Wall

“Serenity Infliction,” White Wall

“One Summer’s Day,” Joe Hisaishi

“The Dragon Boy,” Joe Hisaishi

“The Sixth Station,” Joe Hisaishi



“Chasing the Storm,” Patrick Doyle

“Science and Magic,” Patrick Doyle

“Forgive Me,” Patrick Doyle

“Ori, Lost in the Storm,” Gareth Coker

“Neru, Embracing the Light,” Gareth Coker

“Calling Out,” Gareth Coker

“Danny’s Balloon — Namibian Coast,” Ramin Djawadi

“Danny’s Balloon — Okavango Suite,” Ramin Djawadi

“Over Victoria Falls,” Ramin Djawadi

“Mako,” Ramin Diawadi and Priscilla Ahn

“Dragon Age Inquisition Theme,” Trevor Morris

“Dawning Promises,” ICON

“A Legacy Uncovered,” ICON

“Rose, Dragon,” Javier Navarrete

“The River,” Javier Navarrete

“Road to Glory,” Kokia

“Battle of Destiny,” Kokia

“Aqua Vitae,” Future World Music

“Passion of Victory,” Future World Music

“Victory of Life,” Future World Music

“The Ride of the Rohirrim,” Howard Shore

“Twilight and Shadow,” Howard Shore




I hope you find songs you like in here, and you can always choose your favorites for a pared-down playlist for writing!

Are there playlists for other genres that you’d like to see? Do you have some favorite writing music? Let us know in the comments! Thanks so much for reading, and happy writing!