Hey friends, happy Friday! This is an open thread, so if you just want to chat about how things are going this week or comment on what other people say, that’s great. And I thought I’d ask a fun question on Friday and see what kind of answers I get.

Some of you know I love to make music playlists. I make a new one for each writing project, plus I listen to a different musical genre every month and put a new playlist together for it right at the beginning of the the month (I’ve started sharing those through my newsletter.) The other day I was thinking about songs that always make me feel positive and happy. Here are just a few of mine:


Nina Simone, “Feeling Good” 


American Authors, “Best Day of My Life”


Avicii, “The Nights”


Tony Bennett, “The Best Is Yet to Come” (Tony is one of my all time favorites!)


Want to suggest a happy song? Want to chat about life? Feel free in the comments section! And even if you don’t, thanks for reading and have a great weekend!