A couple of times in the past, I’ve shared excerpts from a writing project in progress. Since some people reading this blog are writers themselves, I thought this time I’d try something different.

I’m only going to share five sentences from the thing I’m working on – and I’m inviting you to share five sentences from your own work in the comments! You can give as much context as you want – or no context, if you prefer to be mysterious.

Please limit it to five, but feel free to link to a bigger excerpt or a post about your work.

Here’s mine. It’s from the beginning of the story, as you can probably tell. And it’s a draft, so this might change!

“He’s beautiful,” the lady staring at Gryffen breathed. Her chestnut-brown eyes, fringed with long lashes, travelled over his form of weathered stone. “And he’s so big!”


Gryffen adored how she said he, even though it would have been more accurate.


She lifted her rapt face, just inches away from his, to study his features.

Can’t wait to see snippets of what you’re working on. I hope your writing is going great!