I discussed in my “myths about romance novels” post that some people still believe all romance novels contain hilarious euphemisms for genitalia. Most romance writers don’t get too fanciful. Still, sometimes we need synonyms, so I’ve collected some here.

I wouldn’t personally use some of the things on the list, but every writer has her own preferences. Some words may be more appropriate in one POV or another, and some might make more sense when your character is just looking at the other person or thinking about sex as opposed to actually having it.

If you are writing a historical, do the research to make sure you’re choosing terms that are appropriate for your time…but remember that many slang terms go way back!



Synonyms for Intimate Parts of the Body, for Writers #romance #erotic thesaurus #words for body parts #sex scenes



This can sometimes be referred to indirectly—“arousal,” etc.

cock, shaft, dick, length, arousal, hard-on, hardness, erection, phallus, manhood, male part, prick, member

if he’s hard but still has his pants on: ridge/hard ridge, bulge


seed, come, vitality


Some of these might benefit from an appropriate adjective in front. Again, this includes ways to refer to the genitalia indirectly.

pussy (a few people hate this one), core, sheath, cleft, slit, quim (historical), cunny (historical), cunt (many people hate this one), sex, well, between her legs, between her thighs, heat, wetness (also usually preceded by an adjective), into her/into her body

in certain contexts: entrance, walls


folds, petals, female flesh, private flesh, secret flesh, lips/nether lips


clit, bud, bundle of nerves, knot / knot of pleasure, center of pleasure, berry, pearl, jewel, button, most sensitive place

Vaginal Lubrication (if there’s a more official term for this, I don’t know it)

juices, cream, honey, dew, nectar, elixir, arousal. Almost everybody hates the word moisture.


mounds, globes, tits


peak, tip, bud, point, bead, nub

You might want adjectives in front of these: dark tip, tight bud, etc.


ass, backside, derriere, rear, arse (British), bum (British), buttocks, cheeks, globes


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