This week The Telegraph published their list of “Top 50 Things That Make Britons Feel Great,” based on a survey they did. It’s not a list of things like “peace” or “my precious children,” but about tangible pleasures.

top 50 things that make me feel greatI knew I had to do my own list, mostly because thinking about good things puts you in a good mood. My list is fairly different from theirs. I don’t, for example, share their enthusiasm about squeezing a pimple (sorry, ‘spot’). The royal family doesn’t make me feel great, or feel anything, but then again, I am American.

These aren’t all in order..and there are way more than 50! They are mostly simple things because I am a simple woman. See if you like, too!

1. sex, obviously…I feel like this should be on the Brits’ list?

2. wearing a pretty dress or cute outfit

3. my dogs snuggling with me

4. vanilla soy lattes

5. talking a walk where there’s some trees…or walking in the desert

6. reading a great romance…or fantasy novel

7. finishing a workout

8. loud music in the car

9. laughing at a friend’s joke…or them laughing at my joke

10. Friday afternoon…starting a fun weekend

11. Monday morning…starting a fresh new week

12. ASMR

13. geeking out with fellow fans about Supernatural, Avengers, Orphan Black, etc. …or even geeking out quietly to myself

14. biscuits with lots of butter (and Brits, I don’t mean whatever it is you call biscuits 🙂 )

15. looking at the moon

16. putting on perfume (and yes, I keep it light)

17. texts from my sweetheart

18. getting a deep tissue massage

19. settling down to watch the trailers before the movie with popcorn with extra butter (okay, a butter theme is emerging…)

20. printing out something I’ve written

21. taking super hot baths

22. stomping on crunchy leaves
23. smelling flowers, especially lilacs

24. hugging someone

25. getting a mani or a pedi

26. taking off tights or spanx at the end of the day

27. making a healthy smoothie (with lots of butter!) (kidding!)

28. good-smelling candles

29. the sound of rain…or even better, thunder

30. tingling lips from hot sauce or extra spicy food

31. the smell of paperbacks…ink and paper

32. writing in pen in a spiral notebook

33. stepping outside in the morning after a big snowfall

34. looking at or holding pretty rocks and crystals

35. having a clean house, or even a clean desk

36. walking into air-conditioning when I’m all hot and sweaty

37. having a glass of wine

38. being smooth right after getting a Brazilian

39. looking at city lights

40. looking at twinkly lights on strings

41. discovering a new awesome song and listening to it 10 times in a row

42. kissing my darling hello and goodbye

43. the smell of the desert after the rain

44. the sound and feel of my high heels on any hard floor

45. the sound and feel of the plane I’m on landing

46. driving late at night

47. wearing satiny lingerie around the house

48. painting a room a new color…and the smell of the fresh paint

49. enjoying the view from any high place

50. pink and orange sunsets and sunrises

I would love to hear other people’s, too!