What I’m supposed to be doing: writing a sweet, light contemporary romance, because I need a full draft by the end of the month.

What I am doing: well, that, but also writing snippets for books two and three of my sexy, violent paranormal romance series that I started with The Phoenix Codex.

I’ll just share one of those snippets from that second thing, But first, I’ll go over the guidelines of WIP Wednesday, for any newbies!

  • share an excerpt of what you’re working on in the comments!
  • feel free to share something raw and unpolished, because lots of us do that (including me!)
  • don’t share work that’s already published, with links…this isn’t the place
  • only make nice comments on other people’s work, since some of it is raw and not ready for critique
  • keep your excerpt at 500 words or less, with no explicit sex scenes (some R-rated language is fine; I may put a content warning on graphic violence, which isn’t a criticism)

Okay! This excerpt is for book three, The Requiem Moon, which is looking like it’s going to be a pretty emotional story. Nic is about to be executed for breaking Shifter law. Trying to get out of it would trigger a war between the secret society he’s in and dozens of allied Shifter packs around the world. His commander, a fellow warrior, and Sophie, the woman he’s fallen in love with, are surrounded by dozens of Shifters.



“You can’t do this.”

Sophie’s thin, sharp voice snapped Nic back into reality. She released his hand and took a few steps closer to the Wolf Queen.

No. Panic seized Nic’s brain. If she threatened their leader in any way, the Shifters would tear her apart.

The growl that emanated from the back of the Wolf Queen’s throat seemed to reverberate through the earth under their feet. She looked as though she meant to devour Sophie. Maybe she would.

“Sophie, don’t be stupid.” Nic spoke in a low tone, as though all the Shifters couldn’t hear everything, anyway.

The Wolf Queen asked Sophie, “Do you believe you have the right to give me orders?” Her eyes glittered like moonlight on the blade of a knife.

This was bad. Bad beyond anything he’d imagined, and he’d come there for the purpose of baring his throat to a wolf’s fangs. He, Tristan, and Capitán Renaud, all unarmed, couldn’t protect her from a whole pack.

Sophie fell to her knees on the damp ground in front of the Queen–to Nic’s utter shock. “No. I am begging you to spare him.” Murmurs rippled through the gathered crowd.

He’d never seen Sophie like this, and it humbled him. But it wouldn’t do any good. Shifter law was immutable.

The Wolf Queen cocked her head. “He killed your kin. You hold a blood grudge against him.”

“I don’t,” Sophie said. “My cousin’s death was an accident.”

Hearing her say it in public healed his soul, here on the last night of his life, with the full moon above them in eclipse: a rusty red like his blood spilled out onto the dust. A late, superfluous omen.

Sophie said, “Nic is loved by all of us.”

The Queen’s eyes narrowed. “By you?”

“By me most of all.” Her voice broke. She ducked her head and a sob racked through her.

Nic’s heart shattered. He came forward to kneel beside Sophie. “I’m so sorry,” he choked out. He never should’ve let it come to this, never should’ve let her love him—but he’d never imagined she could. Clumsily, he attempted to wipe away her tears. He wanted nothing more than to spend a lifetime making her happy, but he had no life to spend, and little comfort to offer. “You have all my love.” He took her hands. “It’ll always be with you.”

“Let him live.”

Tristan’s voice was loud and pitched deep. He glared at the Wolf Queen, his face set in lines of pure hostility.

Nic had seen Tristan kill before. When the switch inside him flipped to battle mode, all of his humor and affability was gone. He was vicious and ruthless.

That switch had been flipped now. He was moments away from getting himself killed or starting a Shifter War. Or both. Nic looked to Capitán, the only one who could now rein Tristan in. Capitán stood impassively, his arms folded over his chest.



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I look forward to reading your excerpts, too. It may take me a little while to respond — I have a crazy work day ahead of me today — but I will! And if you just stopped by and aren’t sharing this month, thanks for reading. I hope you’re having a great week!