Hey there! It’s been forever since I’ve done book reviews, because I really wanted to do some more video book reviews…and I haven’t had a chance to investigate how to make them more professionally. And I keep forgetting to at least get a tripod! So Mr. Donovan very kindly did these for me on the iPhone.

This first one is for Keep Me Close, a brand-new paranormal romance that’s the first in a series.

I refer to the novella prequel in the video, but I forget to tell you the name of it! It’s One Touch of Silver. I love it, and it’s only 99 cents!


Here’s the review!




The second one is for One Minute to Midnight by Nico Rosso, which is one of three in the Black Ops: Automatik series.

Two things I forgot to say in this review:

  1. because it’s got so much action, I think men would be particularly likely to like this romantic suspense novel, even if they don’t usually read romance;
  2. I love that title.


Here’s that review!


Have you read anything good lately? Have any comments about men writing romance, or about heroes in romance? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by, and happy reading!