I’ve written a little before about Tarot cards because I’m really drawn to their symbolism. I’m not the only one — their divinatory meanings and timeless archetypes have long been a source of inspiration for writers, artists, and other creative minds. Some people feel that Tarot cards are evil, a sin, or bad luck when used to predict the future. But even if you would never consult Tarot card spreads, you can use the deck to send your imagination in a new direction.

For this list, I’ve used all of the major arcana. I feel like they would work especially well for fantasy novels and fiction, but I also think they are pretty versatile. Pin or bookmark it for future reference! I’ve taken a lot of creative liberties with Tarot card meanings, and with any of my writing prompts, I think you should do the same!



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  1. THE FOOL… Write about someone beginning a new adventure or journey, with no idea of where it might lead.


  1. THE MAGICIAN… Write about someone performing real magic or the illusion of it.


  1. THE HIGH PRIESTESS… Write about a female religious figure.


  1. THE EMPRESS… Write about a pregnant woman.


  1. THE EMPEROR… Write about a stern patriarch.


  1. THE HIEROPHANT… Write about someone who insists upon convention or conformity.


  1. THE LOVERS… Write about two lovers who face a difficult choice.


  1. THE CHARIOT… Write about a victorious ride.


  1. STRENGTH… Write about someone struggling with or overcoming their animal instincts.


  1. THE HERMIT… Write about someone who has isolated himself or herself in search of some truth.


  1. WHEEL OF FORTUNE… Write about a stroke of extraordinary bad luck.


  1. JUSTICE… Write about a guilty person’s punishment or an innocent person’s reprieve.


  1. THE HANGED MAN… Write about someone who calmly makes a huge sacrifice.





  1. DEATH… Write about the end of a life, relationship, job, or living situation that brings relief.


  1. TEMPERANCE… Write about someone who uses patience or self-control in a difficult situation.


  1. THE DEVIL… Write about someone giving in to temptation.


  1. THE TOWER… Write about a city or citadel under attack.


  1. THE STAR… Write about the one thing that gives a character hope when things look bleak.


  1. THE MOON… Write about a disturbing dream.


  1. THE SUN… Write about an event filled with sunshine and joy.


  1. JUDGEMENT… Write about a character who realizes s/he has a calling or a purpose to fulfill.


  1. THE WORLD… Write about someone who’s on top of the world.


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