Hi friends, happy Friday! This is another open thread, so if you want to ignore the conversation starter and talk about something in your life, that’s fine, too.

This past week, Mr. Donovan and I had Mr. Donovan’s brother, our sister-in-law, and our niece who’s in 2nd grade come to stay with us for a few days. We love them like crazy, so it was great to have them here!

Because my niece was coming, I bought two things I loved to play with when I was little…


and Legos!

My niece liked doing them with me… But I might have enjoyed them even more.

I’ve written a little before about how being a kid was rough going for me, like it is for many people, and I haven’t written about the worst of it. There is something really nice and healing about re-connecting with the kid inside yourself in a totally positive way. I wonder if that’s one reason why adult coloring books are so popular?

Along this same theme, this week at work I watched the Disney classic Cinderella at work over lunch with Mr. Donovan, my boss, and two other writers. One of the writers had found out I’d never seen it before and she was shocked, so that’s why I set it up. It really changes your frame of mind to watch something like that in the middle of a workday.

What toys or games did you love as a kid? Or do you ever indulge in kid things as an adult? Let us know if you want to. I hope you have a great weekend!