Hi, and welcome to WIP Wednesday, where we all share a chunk of whatever we’re working on! Though encouraging words are welcome, this isn’t a space for critique. We’re usually sharing stuff that’s too rough for beta reading.

Here’s what I did in the past month!

I completed the final story edits on my Southern gothic romance novella (and oh my gosh, I love it!)

I wrote a climactic scene for book 3 of my paranormal romance trilogy, because I was obsessed with it, even though I only have book 1 complete plus a third of a draft of book 2…

And then I had a sudden realization that the whole trilogy needs to be in third person, not in first person.

Yep. I need to rewrite the entire first novel as well as book 2 so far.

It will be a bunch of work! I don’t even mind, because it’s going to make it so much better, for several different reasons.

Here’s part of the book 3 scene I wrote, already put into third person. Ordinarily I wouldn’t share a scene like this because of spoilers, but I figure by the time everything’s completed, y’all won’t remember, anyway!

In this scene, Nic is trying to get to a Shifter meeting in time for his execution. Why is he so worried about being late for this? Because the pissed-off Shifters have his friend Tristan, and if Nic doesn’t show up in time, they’ll kill Tristan in his place.



Nic glanced at the speedometer. Over 100 miles per hour. Next to him, Sophie dug her fingers into the seat. He didn’t dare go any faster. An accident would cause a fatal delay, and the possibility of injuring Sophie was yet another horror. At least at this late hour, they had the remote Arizona highway to themselves.

They should be close. He couldn’t think about anything else. Speeding through the blackness to his death took all of his concentration.

Something flickered on the left — torch lights. They were here. Nic took his foot off the gas and swerved off the road. The SUV jolted over the desert terrain, and he braked as they approached the circle of Shifters in human form. Please, please, please, repeated in his head like a drumbeat, although he had no god to hear it.

Several people in the circle jumped and turned around, their astonished faces illuminated by the headlights, as he brought the vehicle to an abrupt halt. He threw it into park and vaulted out the door and past the Shifters, roaring at the top of his lungs, “Stop! Stop!”

Everyone stared at him, some of them with mouths hanging open. He remembered that the side of his head and his shirt were covered with blood. Either they hadn’t brought Tristan out to be executed yet, or – Nic‘s throat closed up. He looked around wildly.

Capitán Renaud and the Wolf Queen stood side by side, faces grim, a little apart from the rest. “Where is he!” Nic shouted, taking steps toward them.

“Nic!” A voice behind him called out in return. “I’m here! I’m fine.”

Nic spun around. Tristan emerged from the shadows.

Relief crashed over Nic so hard he swayed on his feet. He bowed his head, closing his eyes. After drawing in a deep breath and letting it out, he lifted his head again.

Two Shifters flanked Tristan — guards. Their Queen held up a palm to them, and they fell back as Tristan strode over to Nic. Only the crackle of the fires broke the silence. Tristan appeared unharmed, and his hands were unbound, as Nic’s would be. One did not need to bind a willing sacrifice.

A deep line etched between Tristan’s brows, and his eyes glistened. Nic had been ready to apologize for being late. Instead, he managed a smile and said, “Good to see you.”

Christos, Nic.” Tristan’s voice was rough as he pulled him into an embrace. Nic gripped him tightly, grateful to feel him warm and breathing, and honored by his grief.

Had Sophie joined the circle? Nic had to make sure she didn’t see him die. Tristan could look after her. The thought of parting from her felt like it was tearing a hole in Nic’s chest, even now when he had completed everything he needed to do, and nothing else in the world had power left to hurt him.


WIP Wednesday - Bryn Donovan #paranormal romance


For June, I’m working on another project entirely! My goal is to re-work the 23K I’ve got so far on the story and then get the word count up to 50K. My Southern gothic novella is also going through final copy edits.

Please share your own work in the comments! Or if you just want to talk about how your writing is going, or your goals for June, that’s great, too.

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