Hey friends! Welcome to February and another edition of Work In Progress Wednesday, where I invite you to share a segment of your current writing project! I always love seeing what other people are up to.

As always, it’s fine if it’s rough. Mine always are! Supportive comments on other people’s work are absolutely encouraged. Unsolicited criticism, even with the best of intentions, is not, because this is really just for sharing.

In January I finished Wicked Garden (the title may change), my Southern gothic romance novella about a haunting. It’s still a hot mess and I have a lot of editing to do before I hand it over to my beta readers. And I’ll have a bunch more editing to do after that!

Last month I shared a scary part with my heroine singing, so this month I’ll share a romantic part when she sings a different and much less creepy song.

Although she sang softly, and rushed it a bit, the sweet, pure tone of her voice riveted him. Disappointment shot through him when she stopped. “Go on,” he said, a quiet order he knew he had no right to make.

She sat up a little straighter and continued, her voice louder now, performing the song as it must have been meant to be performed.

Goosebumps broke out across his skin. Her clear voice cut through every defense and subterfuge he had. She was even more radiant when she sang, with warmth and life that lit her up from within.

She finished, meeting his gaze, and then ducked her head as though its intensity was too much to bear. “What,” she mumbled, her cheeks staining pink.

“Nicole, your voice is amazing.” He took her hand, and this time she didn’t flinch, not even when he moved closer. “You are so beautiful.”

She raised her eyes to meet his again, and in their blue depths he read the same longing that filled him. Her lips parted. Adam captured them in a kiss.

Just one short kiss—that was his intention. Nothing that would make her guard go up again. But she pressed her lips more firmly to his, burying a hand in his hair. A tiny, almost inaudible whimper from her, and he damn near lost his mind.

He urged her mouth open under his, delving in to taste her. God, she was sweet. His heart hammered in his chest.

She broke off the kiss, drawing back only enough to look him in the eyes. “Ohh, this is too good,” she whispered. “I’m in trouble.”

“Welcome to the club,” he murmured. “I’ve been in trouble since the moment I laid eyes on you.”

She took in a breath. “You know, I’m just getting over a really bad breakup.”

“He was a jerk,” Adam said promptly, making her laugh. She said, “Can’t argue with you there.”

~ ~ ~

Can I tell you a funny story about this part? The hero has a dog whose name was Beau, but then I switched the dog’s name to Mack. This resulted in him telling the heroine in this scene, “You are so Macktiful.” HAHAHAHAHA.

Okay, your turn to share, if you’re so inclined. Happy writing!