Every month I think, “Next month I’m going to read way more.” It hasn’t actually happened yet. But maybe next month! Here are some good things I’ve read lately!

Hot Shade, Tamara Lush.

November Recommended Reads, Bryn Donovan

I appreciate and relate to a heroine who takes her work seriously, as the new reporter in this book does. The Italian hero’s troubled and dangerous past was intriguing and the sex scenes smoldered. Bonus points for a strong sense of place in a Florida beach town.

Fool’s Quest, Robin Hobb

November Recommended Reads

A lot of people can’t get enough of Fitz and the Fool, and I am one of them. Wisdom doesn’t always come with age, I guess, and I got frustrated more often than usual with Fitz’s actions in this book, even though I love him. When he went into full vengeance mode, I didn’t mind at all — they had it coming.

I honestly think this book could have been a little tighter, but the characters have never been more fascinating, and Fool’s Quest delivered the kind of emotional scenes that you want to go back and read again.

Separation Point, Jennifer Sable

November Recommended Reads

I really enjoyed being in the futuristic world of this story. Effone is a competent airship captain who’s a little closed off emotionally, but her new colleague Trace is up to that challenge. I particularly liked the strong element of female friendship, which is unusual in a romance.

Let me know if there’s anything you’ve read and loved lately! Have a great week!