Hey there! Today I’m going to be sharing an excerpt from my work in progress. It’s the first novel of a paranormal romance trilogy, and I’m in the middle of revising it now. I considered providing some context for this scene, but I don’t want to give away too much, so here it is with no explanation!

An enormous crash and explosion of shattering glass made me jump.

Something huge barreled through the sliding door off the kitchen. We both leaped up. Jonathan stepped in front of me, planting his feet wide. A black bear snarled at us.

A bear. In my house. Huge, and pissed off.

A rancid locker-room smell filled my nostrils. So that was what bears smelled like. I stood motionless.

“That didn’t take long,” Jonathan muttered.

The beast shook the glistening shards from his pelt like drops of water and lumbered into the living room toward him. It blocked our path to the gun on the table.

Sharp canines glistened as it drew back its lips and let out a throaty growl that vibrated through my shoes.

Of course this would happen. This guy had accosted me and threatened my life, enraging me in the process. And now a bear was going to tear his head off right before my eyes.

Jonathan stepped away from me. The bear bounded toward him, fast and graceful despite its massive size.

It rose on its hind legs. Jonathan crashed his fist into its mottled brown snout.

The beast staggered. Its face was probably more vulnerable than the rest of him, padded with thick hide and hefty muscle.

Jonathan only got a step closer to his pistol before the bear lunged up on him again, its claws sinking through his shirt into his skin in a deadly hug, pulling his neck closer to its widespread jaws.

No. I couldn’t watch this happen. I picked up the metal floor lamp like a giant stick and smashed it down on the bear’s head.

It went down on all fours and turned to me. Oh God.

Its face reflected hurt and bewilderment. I stared back at it.

It was only trying to protect me from this intruder. Maybe I should have stood back and let him.

Jonathan sprinted for the Glock. The bear launched itself after him, reaching him with one swipe. Claws raked his back.

Pivoting, Jonathan delivered a hard booted kick to creature’s other front leg, right at the knee joint. The animal let out a high-pitched howl. Jonathan made it to the kitchen table and picked up the gun.

“Don’t shoot!” I screamed.

He froze and looked over at me.

With an indignant bellow, the bear swung around and ran away. Even with the limp from the damaged leg, it moved fast, disappearing through the shattered sliding glass door.

Jonathan took a step after it, still aiming. Then, breathing hard, he lowered the weapon.

“Is it gone?” I asked.

He nodded once, his mouth slightly open. “Why did you tell me not to shoot?”

“It’s not its fault! It was trying to protect me!” A sad thought occurred to me. “It won’t survive with a broken leg.”

“I didn’t break it. Tried.” He craned his neck around, trying to see his back. I came over to get a closer look.

Blood soaked his shredded shirt. Long gory gouges in his flesh. I sucked in a breath.

Maybe I should try to get away now, while he was hurt and distracted. Drive off, call the cops.

But what if he were the only one who could help me?


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