I have a real interest in character naming, which was why I compiled the master list of historically accurate Regency names a little while ago. For this list, I consulted various online forums where people discuss baby names.

I’ve included both popular names, which can be quite sexy, and rarer ones. The names with asterisks by them are common names for men in their 20s and 30s in the United States, according to the Social Security database.

If you do pick an unusual first name, you might want to go with a pretty normal surname. Conversely, if you have a common first name, you might want a less usual last name to give your guy some flair. OK! Here we go!

100 Sexy Names for Romance Heroes!

  1. Aaron*
  2. Adam* Quintessential solid good-guy name.
  3. Aidan Can also be spelled Aiden.
  4. Alaric Also spelled Alarik.
  5. Alexander He can go by Alex or Xander.
  6. Andrew* Andrew is sexy. Andy is not. I don’t make the rules.
  7. Arturo
  8. Aziel I was sure this would be the name of a Biblical angel or demon, but no.
  9. Bradford
  10. Brandon
  11. Bryce
  12. Brion It looks ten times cooler spelled with an ‘o.
  13. Byron Maybe for a hero who is, like the famous poet, “mad, bad, and dangerous to know.”
  14. Caleb
  15. Cameron Camden would be a similar option.
  16. Carrick
  17. Carter
  18. Chance
  19. Chase
  20. Cole
  21. Colt He’s tough! Like a gun! But vulnerable! Like a baby horse! His full name might be Colton.
  22. Clive
  23. Connor Conall is a similar choice.
  24. Daire
  25. Dane
  26. Daniel*
  27. Dante Because of The Inferno, I think this name is broody as hell.
  28. Darius People imagine Darius as a “polite,” “handsome,” “daring” and “strong” black guy.
  29. David*
  30. Dax It’s an unusual name, but it pops up in the U.S. now and again.
  31. Dean
  32. Derek
  33. Desmond
  34. Dominic Also spelled Dominick or Domenic.
  35. Dorran This is a Celtic name that means “stranger.”
  36. Dylan
  37. Eduardo
  38. Eli This would probably be short for Elijah.
  39. Finn
  40. Gabriel
  41. Gage
  42. Gerard
  43. Grant
  44. Griffin He’s named after a mythological beast, so that automatically makes him cool.
  45. Harry I feel we could use a rogue named Harry.
  46. Hudson
  47. Hunter
  48. Ian Ian is probably a sneaky bastard, but a sexy one.
  49. Ivan
  50. Jack* Sometimes a nickname for John or Jonathan, oddly enough.
  51. Jake* Probably short for Jacob.
  52. James*
  53. Jason*
  54. Javier There are a lot of great Spanish names, and this is my favorite.
  55. Jericho
  56. Jesse*
  57. Josh* Or maybe you would rather he went by his full name, Joshua.
  58. Julian
  59. Justin
  60. Kento This is a pretty cool name for your Japanese or Japanese-American hero.
  61. Kane
  62. Kirk
  63. Leo
  64. Liam
  65. Logan
  66. Lucas
  67. Luke
  68. Marcus
  69. Mason
  70. Max Max is trouble…just your kind of trouble. Could be short for Maxim, Maxwell, or Maxmillian.
  71. Micah
  72. Morgan
  73. Nathan* This is a good name for your hunk-next-door type.
  74. Nikhil A name you might use if your character is from India or has Indian heritage.
  75. Peter*
  76. Ramon
  77. Rafael or Raphael
  78. Reid
  79. Raine
  80. Roark or Roarke
  81. Ryan*
  82. Ryder He’s going to come off as something of a cowboy, whether he is one or not.
  83. Sam
  84. Stefan This guy is probably brainy. And possibly kinky.
  85. Tariq Also spelled Tarek or Tarik. This is an Arabic name, and people in the U.S. also think of it as a black American name.
  86. Terrence The baby name survey book says people imagine Terrence as a black man who’s “tall, powerful, and handsome.”
  87. Travis This is another cowboy-ish name.
  88. Tremaine People usually envision Tremaine as black, and basically perfect in every way.
  89. Trenton Or Trent.
  90. Trey
  91. Tristan
  92. Vance
  93. Vaughn This was the name of Jennifer Garner’s boyfriend in Alias. That was a great show.
  94. Vincent
  95. Weston This is a good name for a rich jerk who turns out to be…not a jerk at all!
  96. Will*
  97. Wyatt
  98. Xavier
  99. Zach* Short for Zachary or Zachariah. If you want something not so American, you could go with Zak, short for Zakhar, which is a Russian name. 
  100. Zane


I created a longer version of good names for heroes in general in my book Master Lists for Writers. You might want to check it out! Thanks for stopping by, and happy writing!