This cool writer I just met on the Internet wrote a piece about how it’s OK to brag about getting a Pushcart Prize nomination for your writing, which obviously it is!

In a discussion about the post, though, someone said that it’s too small of a distinction to mention, even on Facebook. Someone else said that too many friends on her feed are bragging or talking about being blessed. I feel very differently than these people, and so I’m writing this to encourage my Facebook friends to brag or talk about being #soblessed whenever they feel like it, please and thank you.

First of all, I understand that you’re not crowing on Facebook just because you want to impress me. I can’t even think of any tangible benefits to impressing me. A “YAYYY!” on social media is often just a virtual shout from the rooftops. You don’t even care if people know what you are yelling about! You are happy and you want to yell!

And you should! When you do something great or when happy things happen, you should make a big deal out of them, because that will help you enjoy them more and remember them better later! And if others congratulate you, that will just increase your joy! We all have our share of challenges, disappointments, and straight-up heartache. Celebrating whenever we’ve got something to celebrate makes things so much better.

If you’ve done something nice or charitable, I want to hear about that, too. I know, you’re not supposed to talk about that stuff. Do it anyway. It inspires me.

And please, don’t worry that something is too small to brag about. Most of us have had the experience of working very hard for a tiny victory. It could be staying sober for a whole month, or running a whole mile, or passing all your classes in a semester when you were barely holding it together. If it’s big to you, it’s big to me.

It’s fun hearing about the things that make you feel happy and lucky, too, whether it’s your cute baby, or how gorgeous your Christmas tree looks. I admit I didn’t understand the photos of lunches and dinners at first, but now I do; you’re right, tacos are awesome. I should maybe take pictures of mine.

I like seeing your new car or the beach where you’re vacationing, though if you share lots and lots of photos of expensive things, people will get jealous (and I’m going to write about that next.) I’ll take any cheerful stuff over petty gripes about how someone’s hot chocolate isn’t chocolate-y enough, or how people in this city don’t know how to drive, or whatever.

Basically, I like you and I like it when things are going well for you. Hearing about your successes and joys isn’t an annoyance–it’s a privilege. So boast away.