WIP Wednesday — Share What YOU Are Up To!

WIP Wednesday -- Bryn Donovan, The Equinox Stone

Hey friends! Welcome or welcome back to WIP Wednesday, the first Wednesday of the month! This is where I share a snippet of a work in progress, and if you feel like it, you do the same. It’s okay if your work is raw, because what I post always is. We don’t do critiquing here, just sharing (though encouraging words on other people’s work are always welcome.)

Today I’m sharing the first few paragraphs of The Equinox Stone, the second book in my paranormal romance trilogy.




He was naked in the wilderness at night, shivering in the cold. How long had he been out here? He must’ve staggered away from some accident that had left him dazed… although that didn’t explain the lack of clothing. As he walked, he felt over the surface of his head and found no soreness or injury. As far as he could tell, he wasn’t hurt in any way, although he might literally freeze his dick off if he didn’t find help or shelter soon.

Rocks cut into the numbing soles of his feet. He could barely distinguish the ridges of the short mountains on the horizon from the sky. The wind kicked up and he hunched over, trying in vain to cover himself with his icy hands, utterly bereft of dignity. Maybe he should just curl up in a ball on the ground — but no, that could mean death. He kept moving, looking for a house, a road, something. If he’d had a phone, and if there were any kind of signal here, he could’ve called 911. He couldn’t think of the name of a friend. Loneliness and a deep sense of abandonment engulfed him like the darkness.

Light in the distance. Headlights. He broke out into a run, his heart thudding hard in his chest. “Hey!” His voice sounded strange to his ears, deeper and more growly than he’d expected. “Over here!”

The vehicle came straight at him, bumping over the rocky terrain. He stopped still in his tracks. It pulled up close enough that he took a step back, shielding his eyes from the blinding glare of the headlights. Two figures exited the black SUV, leaving the engine running. and one of the back car doors opened as they advanced.

Both men held guns. Shit.


WIP Wednesday -- Bryn Donovan, The Equinox Stone


I can’t wait to see what you’re up to! (I work full-time, so sometimes I don’t get a chance to look until after work, but sometimes I can check in at lunch. 🙂 ) And whether you feel like sharing this month or not, thanks for reading, and happy writing!





WIP Wednesday: Share What YOU Are Up To!

WIP Wednesday Bryn Donovan

Hey, welcome to the first WIP Wednesday of 2017! On the first Wednesday of every month, I share a page or two of a work in progress and invite you to do the same in the comments section. You don’t need to be shy about sharing, because this is a critique-free zone for raw material (though encouraging words are always welcome, and good karma!)

If you had a holiday break, you may have gotten some writing done, or you may have just relaxed and enjoyed the holidays. Either way, good job!

During the holidays, I worked a few to several hours a day on a project for my day job, and I certainly wasn’t trying to do anything on my own projects. I did a little, anyway. I worked on The Equinox Stone, which is book two in my paranormal romance trilogy, and I even wrote a scene for book three because I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Here’s the book three scene!



Nic went down to the hotel lobby, almost empty at this hour. Jonathan sat at the bar. It would be awkward talking to him right after he’d walked in on Nic banging his ex-girlfriend, but he and Jonathan had both lived in the close confines of El Dédalo for a long while, and they knew that these kinds of things happened. Nic went over and sat down on the stool next to Jonathan, and the bartender lining wineglasses up on a shelf turned around. “What can I get you?”

Nic glanced at the bottle of beer in Jonathan’s hand. “Same as him.”

As the bartender got it, Jonathan said, “I was just going to grab the book. Sorry.”

“Not your fault.” The bartender set the bottle down and Nic handed him a ten-dollar bill. “Keep the change.”

Jonathan frowned, not looking at Nic. “You should stay away from Sophie.”

Nic’s blood pounded harder in his veins. He’d known that Jonathan was possessive, of course. If any other man as much as touched Cassie for any reason, the guy bristled. Nic hadn’t expected that to extend to Sophie, though. “Seriously? Nobody else gets to be with your ex, ever?”

“It’s not that. I want her to be happy. I just don’t think she’ll be happy with you.”

It was a kick in the gut. “You don’t think I’m good enough for someone you dumped.”

“What?” Jonathan gave him a look of disbelief, and then shook his head and muttered, “Christos, Nic, you’re good enough for anyone.” The praise caught him even more off guard. Jonathan took a drink of his beer. “In London, Sophie wanted you dead. She’d get furious with me for defending you. It’s why she broke up with me.

Back then, Jonathan had insisted again and again that given the witch’s shape-switching spell, Nic’s accidental killing of Sophie’s cousin Simon Federov could’ve happened to anybody. When Nic had renounced his Knighthood in his remorse, Jonathan had been a complete pain in the ass about it, arguing hard that it was the pointless loss of a valuable warrior. Even though Nic had just wanted to be left alone, he’d always love Jonathan for that.

“I knew you two fought about it,” he said. “I didn’t know it broke you up.”

“We had problems before that. But she was like a lunatic. She wouldn’t listen to reason.”

“She’s changed.”

“I gathered,” Jonathan said dryly. “But part of her might still blame you. She could make your life a living hell.”

Nic felt a smile tug at his lips. “You’re worried about me.”

“Even if this is a casual thing, it could turn into something serious.” Jonathan didn’t say that from personal experience, Nic knew. Hookups were completely incompatible with his friend’s nature.

“I don’t know if it’s serious,” Nic said, answering the question Jonathan had not quite asked. Whatever was between him and Sophie, though, it sure as hell wasn’t casual.


WIP Wednesday Bryn Donovan


Want to share a page or two? Or even just a paragraph? Please do it in the comments section! It’s totally fine if you want to link to your website or to your other work.

And if you don’t want to miss WIP Wednesdays, follow the blog if you aren’t already doing so — there’s a place to sign up on the lefthand side of the page. Thanks so much for reading, Happy New Year, and happy writing!

WIP Wednesday — Share What YOU Are Up To!

WIP Wednesday -- Share What YOU Are Up To! #A Knight Restored #paranormal romance

Hey, friends! Welcome back to another WIP Wednesday, where I share a little of my work in progress and you do the same in the comments section. If you’ve never done it before, why not give it a try? WIP Wednesday is a criticism-free zone, although encouraging comments on other people’s stuff is always appreciated.

How was November for writing? If you did NaNoWriMo, did it spur you to more productivity? If you didn’t do NaNoWriMo, did you have some writing fun?


I tapped out of NaNo almost immediately due to the super-hot new project I mentioned on Monday. It’s probably going to occupy me till the end of March. My 3 WIPs are on the back burner for now, but it’s worth it.

Since the new thing is secret for now, I’m going to be sharing more from my romance in progress, A Knight Restored. It’s a love story between an art conservator at a museum and a medieval English knight under a curse. This excerpt comes almost right after the one I shared last month.


WIP Wednesday -- Share What YOU Are Up To! #A Knight Restored #paranormal romance


When Gen arrived at the lab Emily said, “We need to talk in private.” She grabbed Gen’s arm, hustled her into the photography room, and slammed the door behind her.

“Emily, what the hell?” Gen asked. “Are you pregnant? Did you murder someone? What?”

“I just don’t want anyone else to hear this.” She glanced over her shoulder at Gryffen. “Except him.”

“Hmm, I don’t know,” Gen joked. “Can Sir Limestone here be trusted?”

“Don’t be mean!” After all Gryffen had been through, he shouldn’t have to put up with insults.

Gen’s eyebrows rose. “Okayyy.”

“I’m going to tell you something, and I want you to keep an open mind. And you can’t tell anyone. Anyone.”

“Okay, I won’t.” Gen held up her hands. Clearly, she thought Emily was being over-dramatic.

“Yesterday I felt like this sculpture was talking to me,” Emily said. “Like in my head.”

Gen looked at Gryffen and back to Emily. “What did he say?”

“He said, I’m here. And he wanted me to touch him.”

“Well,” Gen said cheerfully, “you’re going to be touching him a lot, so that works out great.”

“That’s just the beginning. I had a dream about him last night. Except he wasn’t a statue. He was a real guy.”

Gen frowned. “A real knight in shining armor?”

“Yes! I mean no. He was wearing, like, medieval clothes. He told he was from 1433.”

“Your subconscious is trying to research an acquisition.” Gen shook her head. “Em, you need some vacation days or something. You should be dreaming about fun stuff.”

“Part of it was very fun.” Emily’s cheeks heated.

Gen’s features lit up. “You had a sex dream about a statue?”


Her friend giggled. “I have to ask. Was he rock hard?”

If Emily’s face got any hotter, it would burst into actual flames. After all, Gryffen was hearing all of this, too. Maybe. “We just kissed! That’s all.”

“Oh.–Was he a good kisser, at least?”

“Literally the best,” Emily admitted. It wouldn’t hurt anything for Gryffen to know it. “And he had the most amazing way of talking. He said things like sweet lady and demoiselle.”

“Aww,” Gen cooed. “This sounds like the cutest dream in the world!”

“You don’t understand. I think the sculpture is a real person.”

Gen tilted her head. “How does that work?”

A polite question, considering. Thank God she was friends with Gen. Emily couldn’t imagine telling anyone else about this. “He told me some other guy got mad at him because Gryffen beat him at jousting, or whatever—”

“Gryffen?” Gen repeated.

“Yes, he said his name was Gryffen de Beaumont, son of William de Beaumont, sometimes called Gryffen the Fierce.”

“That’s… really detailed for a dream,” Gen said.

“I wrote it all down. And he told me that because this guy he beat was actually a powerful sorcerer who turned Gryffen into stone. And he can still hear, and see, and feel, but he can’t move or talk or anything.”

“He said he had been like that for centuries?” Gen shuddered. “That would be horrible.”

“There’s one other thing,” Emily said. “But you’re not going to believe me.”

Gen gave her a level look. “Try me.”

“Just now, I touched his cheek.”


“And uh…” Emily forced herself to get it out. “The statue cried.”

Gen’s mouth fell open. “What!”

“There were tears—”

Gen strode over and put her hands on Gryffen’s stone face. Ordinarily, Emily would have yelled at her for touching a museum object without washing her hands thoroughly first, but under the circumstances, it hardly seemed to matter.

Gen withdrew her hands, holding them up in the air. “It’s wet! The stone is damp. Emily, what the hell!”

Emily took a deep breath and let it out. “I thought I was losing my mind.”

Gen shook her head. “There are two possibilities here. Either you’ve had a detailed dream, that just happens to coincide with some weird moisture or condensation on the sculpture, or…”

“Or what.”

“Or this is a man who was turned into stone, who can visit you in dreams.” Gen shrugged. “I know which one I’m rooting for.”


I hope you’ll share your own excerpt below! And if you want to make sure you don’t miss any future WIP Wednesdays, make sure to follow the blog, if you’re not already — there’s a place to sign up on the lefthand side of the page.Thanks so much for stopping by, and happy writing!

WIP Wednesday — Share What YOU Are Up To!

WIP Wednesday Bryn Donovan #paranormal romance

Eeep — sorry this is late! Let’s do WIP Wednesday and Thursday!

Hey, everyone, welcome to WIP Wednesday! On the first Wednesday of every month, I always share an excerpt of my writing and invite others to do the same. Since we’re sharing work that’s in progress, we don’t offer critique here. It’s not Beta Reader Wednesday. However, kind words are always welcome.

Last month, I did a little work on 3 different book projects. Here’s what my word counter looked like at the end of September:


WIP Wednesday Bryn donovan

And here’s what it looked like at the end of October. The Equinox Stone is the second book in a trilogy after The Phoenix Codex.

WIP Wednesday #paranormal romance #Bryn Donovan

So that was 16,450 new words, which wasn’t a huge total, but hey, all progress is good progress! A Knight Restored is my NaNoWriMo project, so I should be making big progress there in November.

I’m going to share another excerpt from that story. Gryffen is a medieval knight who was turned into stone, and Emily is an art conservator at the museum that acquired him as a sculpture. Gryffen has communicated with her telepathically and visited her in her dreams.



“Don’t worry,” Emily murmured to Gryffen. “They’ll just move you to the other room off the main lab so I can do a little restoration. And then in a few weeks you’ll be in the exhibit, and you’ll see a bunch of people, so that will be fun, right? And after the exhibit I’ll finish restoring you, which is going to take months.” Gryffen didn’t understand all of this, but he liked the sound of the last part especially.

She raised her hand and caressed his cheek.

Gryffen’s soul crumbled into pieces at her silken touch. It was more pleasurable and intense even than her touch or her kiss in her dream, because it was real. Though she felt only stone, he felt her living warmth. For centuries, none had touched him in friendship or in love, and his gratitude overwhelmed him. Sweet lady. You undo me.

She gasped and drew her hand back as though it had been burned. Gryffen felt wetness on his cheek. Rain. A leak in the ceiling…

No. Moisture touched his face and nowhere else. His statue was weeping. He was weeping. Impossible, but true.

She backed away from him, her eyes as wide as if she regarded a devil from Hell. “This isn’t happening,” she whispered. He tried to open his mouth and speak aloud. If he could produce tears, than why not words?

They would not come. He attempted to lift a hand to reach out to her, but it did not budge. Do not be afraid, his soul implored her.

She turned around and ran out of the room.




Go ahead and share an excerpt of what you’re working on in the comments, if you want to! Either way, thanks for reading!


Okay, Everybody, What Are You Doing for NaNoWriMo?


Happy Halloween, and Happy NaNoWriMo Eve! National Novel Writing Month is, of course, when many writers challenge themselves to write 50,000 words of a novel during the month of November.

I think NaNo is a lot of fun, and I think most of the arguments against it are silly. At the same time, it isn’t for everyone, and if it’s not for you, that doesn’t mean you’re not a good writer. Let’s face it, very few of the published novels in existence started out as NaNo projects.

Last year, I finished the first book of a trilogy, The Phoenix Codex (which I later re-wrote from first person to third person.) After that, I wrote the novella Wicked Garden that came out in a boxed set earlier this fall.

Arguably, I should use NaNo to work on the second book of that trilogy, but I’ve been getting such good feedback here on another project that I’m going to finish it instead.




A Knight Restored is about a museum employee who discovers that a sculpture is actually an English knight who was turned to stone by a sorcerer’s spell. What happens after a modern-day fair maiden rescues a knight in shining armor?

I expect it to run about 90K, and I’m at over 30K of the first draft now, so with NaNoWriMo, I should be able to get the first draft very close to finished.

I only have one caveat about NaNo this year. There’s a possibility that something will happen at work that will require just about all of my waking attention (which is as much as I can say about that). If this does happen, I won’t finish NaNo. Either way, I’m going to be excited about what I’m working on this month!

If you’re doing NaNoWriMo this year, let us know what you’re working on, and either way, let us know your thoughts about the whole thing! And don’t forget that this Wednesday is WIP Wednesday, so think about sharing an excerpt of your work-in-progress then — I always love seeing what everyone is up to. Happy writing!


WIP Wednesday — Share What YOU Are Up To!

WIP Wednesday Bryn Donovan

Hey, welcome to WIP Wednesday! If you follow my blog, you know the drill: we all share an excerpt of a story we’re working on, just for fun. It’s a critique-free zone, since we’re mostly sharing work that’s not ready for that yet (but it’s always nice to leave an encouraging word!)

First, I’ll talk about how much writing progress I made in September! This was where my word counter (which is on the lefthand side of this page) was on September 1st:


WIP Wednesday Bryn Donovan #paranormal romance #manus sancti


And here’s what it looked like on October 1st. (You can see that I adjusted the word count on the last project, because my original scope was, let’s say, a tad ambitious.)


WIP Wednesday Bryn donovan


Not bad, right? I am thrilled to have finished the rewrite of The Phoenix Codex, which is the first book in a trilogy, and I’m putting book 2 in my writing rotation.

Today, though, I’m sharing a scene from  A Knight Restored. Gryffen is an English knight who was turned into stone hundreds of years ago. Emily is an art conservator at the museum in Kansas City that just acquired Gryffen in his statue form. Earlier, I shared part of a scene where Gryffen visits her in her dreams. This is a continuation of the same scene.



She sighed. “There must be some way to undo the spell.”

He gentled his voice. “Sweet lady, there is not. Grant pardon for burdening you with my trouble.”

“It’s not a burden to hear about it.”

The distress on her face pained him now. “We should speak of other things. What do you seek, in this library in the greenwood?” He recalled her conversation with her friend. As well as he could, he’d committed all of Emily’s words to heart. “You seek your planner!”

She blinked and then gave an incredulous laugh. “You know what a planner is?”

Gryffen smiled. By the Virgin, it felt good to do so. “I do not, save that you cherish it.”

“Of course. You heard me talking to Gen.” She released his hand to smooth her hair away from her face, leaving Gryffen’s fingers as bereft as five beggars by the side of the road. “Well, uh… a planner is like a book where you write down all of the things you need to do, and thoughts you want to remember, and dreams for the future.”

He nodded, sobering. “Such a book would be a precious thing. I cannot wonder that you grieve its loss.”

A soft light kindled in her eyes. “Thank you. Everyone else thinks I’m being ridiculous.”

He wished he could help her find it, but knew this to be impossible. “Though I am loath to say it, you shall not find it here.”

A furrow appeared between her brows. “Why not?”

“Lost things are rarely found in dreams,” he said. “And even if they are, it matters not. In waking life, they remain lost.”

She looked around her at the towering bookshelves. “You’re right. I’m dreaming. But you seem real.”

Gryffen straightened. “By the Holy Rood, I swear I am.”

She drew closer to him again. “So you’re real, but I can’t help you?”

“I cry you mercy, but I said not so. If you will have me here, in your dreams, might not we enjoy all manner of mirths? That would be a help to me indeed, and perchance an entertainment to you as well.”

His fair Emily said nothing. He took the long moment of silence as an answer and looked away. “I have asked too much.”

“What?—No! I’m just confused. How do you get into my dreams? Are you a sorcerer, too?”

Hope crept back into his soul. “Nay, demoiselle. In life I had not this skill. After I was confined to stone, my soul learned other ways to wander.”

She nodded. “So when you lost some capabilities, you developed others to compensate.”

“As you say.” In truth, she used some words he did not know. “If I know the dreamer, full able am I to enter.”

Emily nodded. “How many other people have you talked to like this, in dreams?”

“No more than a few. I treasure their friendship, and learn about how the world changes, as much as I may. And then they die, and I am alone once more.” He thought of his friend Arthur Burke again with a stab of loss.

“My God,” Emily said. “You must be so lonely.”

He allowed himself to be more vulnerable than he ever would have in life. When one had so few chances, it was unwise to dissemble. “Yea, lady, more than I can say. But your fair company is a blessing beyond hope.”


WIP Wednesday Bryn Donovan


Go ahead and share a paragraph or a page or two of your story in progress in the comments! And if you want to make sure you don’t miss future WIP Wednesdays, follow the blog if you aren’t already — on the lefthand side of the page, there’s a place to sign up for notifications. Thanks for reading, and happy writing!

WIP Wednesday — Share What YOU Are Up To!

WIP Wednesday Bryn Donovan

Hey, it’s time for WIP Wednesday, when I share a little from a work in progress, and you do the same if you want to! Don’t critique anyone’s stuff, because that’s not what this is for — it’s just for inspiration and fun. But if you want to leave someone an encouraging comment, that’s great (and good writer karma!)

First, I want to talk a little bit about goals. At the beginning of the month, I often plan to work on one project at a time, setting a word count goal for myself. Then I wind up flitting between two or three projects anyway. I’ve decided to just go ahead and embrace the fact that I’m always going to multi-task, and I’m just going to write for a set amount of time during the week.

I’ve added a word counter to the blog (down there at the lower left) to keep me motivated! Here’s where my word count was on Sept. 1, and next month I’ll post where it is on Oct. 1.


WIP Wednesday Bryn Donovan #paranormal romance #manus sancti


This month I’m sharing a scene from The Phoenix Codex, a paranormal romance. It involves a centuries-old secret society that fights modern-day supernatural evil. I’m rewriting the completed novel from 1st person to 3rd person in alternating points of view, because it’s the first of a trilogy and I realized the whole trilogy is not going to work in 1st person. The switch is making book one a lot better — it’s  been really great to get the guy’s experience and feelings in there.

In this scene near the beginning, Jonathan West has gone into the psyche of Cassie Rios, whom he wrongly believes to be a murdering witch.



Jonathan stood facing Cassandra Rios. The scents of creosote and ozone, smoky and fresh, surprised him. It wasn’t a bad smell at all: the desert after rain.

Around them, many-armed ocotillo cacti, fuzzy teddy bear cholla, and rough shrubs dotted a rolling plain. No roads, telephone poles, or other signs of human habitation marred the landscape. No sound intruded upon the silence. Cobalt blue and bright pink streaked the sky, and near the horizon, the clouds glowed like orange flames. Near his feet on a prickly pear cactus, pink-red fruits ripened. They reminded him of hearts.

Doubt coiled in his gut. This wasn’t the soulscape of a killer. At least, it wasn’t like any he had ever seen. He’d expected ugliness inside her, even if it didn’t show on her outside.

In her photograph in her file, she’d struck Jonathan as more attractive than the usual target. She had big brown eyes, a prominent nose, and long dark hair, and in the picture, she was laughing and full of life.  A pretty woman is just as likely to be evil as anyone else. He’d reminded his younger brother that, on the drive from the middle of New Mexico to Phoenix.

Of course, it had been an imagined conversation, the only kind he could have with Michael now. His brain kept playing tricks on him, though, making him think he would see his younger brother again, as if he were merely outposted in Manila or D.C.

Cassandra Rios’s soulscape wasn’t perfect. Scarred black trunks of trees covered one mountain. A wildfire had blazed through. But even that looked like damage, clean and simple, more than anything else. What had hurt her?

Wrong question. He had to find out how she’d caused the animal attacks. They couldn’t be a coincidence.

Far in the other direction, about a dozen horses grazed. No saddles, no bridles, some of them tawny, some extravagantly spotted. They threatened no one.

She’s a bruja. This is a trick. He had never heard of anyone being able to conceal the truth of their own psyche before… but after hundreds of years’ worth of carefully documented missions and the study of ancient and obscure lore, Manus Sancti still occasionally encountered something new.

“You killed me?” Cassandra demanded. “This is heaven?”

“If this were the afterlife, I wouldn’t be here,” he said. “I’d still be alive.”

“True. And I’m pretty sure you’d go somewhere worse than this.” If she’d been innocent, he would’ve admired her spirit. “How did you get me out here?”

“It’s not out anywhere. We’re inside you.”

“What?” She closed her eyes as though willing reality to return.

“This is your psyche. It feels familiar, doesn’t it?”

Her brow creased. “You gave me some kind of drug.”

“You know I didn’t.” This conversation was pointless. With most targets, just asking them a few questions while inside their psyche proved their guilt. In her case, he’d been assigned to go through her memories first to understand exactly how she was doing the spells.

One of the horses spooked and ran away, and the others followed him in a panic, rumbling toward the far hills. The saturated colors in the clouds tumbled and shifted in a rhythm like music: sapphire, tangerine, fuchsia. A dark hawk cut across the swath of color, not hunting, just flying. He couldn’t remember when he had been in a more beautiful place.

She said, “You have no right to be here.”

Maybe she was right. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he was trespassing on sacred ground. “It isn’t what I expected.”


WIP Wednesday Bryn Donovan


If you’d like to share a paragraph of your work, or even a page or two, go right ahead in the comments section. Either way, thanks for reading, and happy writing!

My Novella WICKED GARDEN Is Out… THANK YOU For Supporting Me When I Was Writing It!

Under Your Spell #romance boxed set #paranormal #bryn donovan #wicked garden

I am super proud that my Southern gothic romance novella Wicked Garden released last week. If you’ve liked my author page on Facebook or you get my newsletter you already know that, though!


Under Your Spell #romance boxed set #paranormal #bryn donovan #wicked garden

It’s part of a boxed set of ten novellas called Under Your Spell: Masked Balls, Haunted Gardens, Magic, and More. For now, it’s exclusive to Amazon Kindle and it’s only 99¢, which is almost free, though I think that’s going to change later.

Wicked Garden is a romance and a ghost story with a high heat level. I’ve already gotten some great feedback! One reviewer said she

just could not put it down!!! I was in love with the mc the moment i began reading

And another said:

Amazing H/h – great writer to make me feel a connection so strongly from the first. H had major issues but overcame them.  Great ghost story, which says a lot because I don’t care for these stories. This surprised me that I enjoyed it so. Amazing lovemaking, full of passion.

Check it out if you want to! Or if you already bought it, thank you thank you!

I also owe gratitude to a lot of you who participate in WIP Wednesdays, because I shared a couple of scenes from this story in rough draft form and you were so encouraging! Thank you so much for reading this blog. I really appreciate you!

Have a great week, everyone!






WIP Wednesday — Share What YOU Are Up To!

Hey friends! It’s the first Wednesday of the month, which means that I share an excerpt of a writing project in progress and invite you to do the same. A paragraph or two to a page is best. Since we’re sharing work that is rough, it’s not a space for critique, though positive feedback is welcome!

Last month I shared a little bit of my story A Knight Restored, about an art conservator at a museum and a medieval knight who was turned into a stone statue. Over the centuries, this knight has developed the ability to talk to people in their dreams, which has kept him from losing his mind. In this scene, he’s gone into one of Emily’s dreams for the first time.



Tall cases full of books surrounded him in a grove of even taller trees. He saw Emily search one shelf and then another, appearing much as she did in waking life, save that in her dream she wore a white gown, more suited for Gryffen’s time than her own. As he approached, his heart pounded so loudly in his chest it nearly deafened him. He prayed that she would not flee and awake.

She straightened and looked at him. “It’s you.”

Now that Gryffen was speaking to her, he scarce knew what to say. He made a deep bow. “Lady Emily.”

“Who are you?”

“I am Sir Gryffen de Beaumont, who was oft called Sir Gryffen the Fierce, son of William de Beaumont, at your service.” Although he had been filled with joy when she could hear him before, while she was awake, the effort to convey even a short idea had drained his energy. This was so much easier.

“Emily Porter.” She shook her head. “But you’re not real. You’re a sculpture.”

He crossed the distance between them, for no fear touched her lovely features or sweet voice now. Oftentimes, that which frightened men and women did not alarm them in dreams. “Once I was a living man, as you see. I know not how long I have been trapped in the form of stone.”

Her lips parted. “That’s not possible.”

Gryffen could not restrain a bitter laugh. “Would that it were not. I can feel but not move, see but not speak, and none living can hear me. Until you.”

“I thought I was losing my mind,” she whispered. “I could hear you in my head. You told me to touch you.”

“More truth to say I begged,” he admitted.

She reached out and took his hand. Overflowing with gratitude at the simple contact, he bent down and pressed his lips to the tops of her fingers.

“Um. Okay.” She giggled as Gryffen straightened again.


WIP Wednesday Bryn Donovan


Please share something of your own — don’t be shy! Or if you are shy, you can just talk about what you’re working on, too.  Thanks for stopping by!



My Novella Is In This Boxed Set — Pre-Order It For 99 Cents!

Under Your Spell #romance boxed set #paranormal #bryn donovan #wicked garden

Hey friends! If you subscribe to my newsletter, you already know about this. I’ve talked before on this blog about Wicked Garden, my Southern gothic novella. You’ve even seen a couple of excerpts of it in progress! It’s is an emotional romance with an unstereotypical hero that deals with a haunting. I’m so pleased with how this story came out, and I hope you like it, too!

Wicked Garden is in this boxed set with nine other novellas called Under Your Spell: a Romance Boxed Set of Masked Balls, Haunted Gardens, Magic, and More. It launches in the fall, but you can pre-order it here for only 99 cents, which is a pretty great price for 10 novellas!

Under Your Spell #romance boxed set #paranormal #bryn donovan #wicked garden #free

Here’s the blurb for my story:

After a painful breakup, Nicole moves to a house in Savannah, resolving to be single. Aaron, her new neighbor, is a true Southern gentleman who tempts her to forget that plan. But the house’s evil history haunts the garden and Nicole’s dreams… and Aaron has secrets of his own. To end the curse, Aaron and Nicole will have to overcome their past fears and give their relationship a chance to bloom.

Fair warning: my novella does have one explicit sex scene. A lot of people enjoy those, and I enjoy writing them, but they aren’t everyone’s preference, so I just wanted to let you know! I believe that most of the stories by the other authors aren’t steamy.

If you do pre-order it, please let me know below so I can thank you personally! If you don’t read romance and just want to say congratulations, that’s awesome too. No matter what, thank you SO MUCH for inspiring me with all your comments, and thanks for reading the blog!