Can you believe it’s already May? Late last year, I posted a series about making 2018 your best year ever. I assigned a vision to my year (“2018–the Year of Romance”) and shared my ten resolutions.

Okay. Well… If you get my newsletter, you know that some unexpected things have happened.

Mr. Donovan and I were both shocked and devastated by the unexpected death of his father.

We decided to move to L.A. for my job. Selling the house and moving across the country is challenging, time-consuming, exciting, and emotional, since we have such wonderful friends in Kansas City.

In the middle of trying to keep up with my job and finish my novel first draft, I got a pinched nerve in my neck from being on the computer constantly (another all-nighter was the final straw), giving me terrible pain for weeks in my neck, shoulder, and arm.

So here’s where I’m at so far in 2018!




We have a beautiful apartment waiting for us in Studio City, and we’ll move in just a couple of weeks.

I got my novel draft in to my editor, and when I get the edits back I’ll work hard to make it the best it can be.

My neck and shoulder are a lot better.

Our house is on the market and hopefully we’ll sell it soon.

A few of my Kansas City friends are promising regular hanging-out time via Google Hangout, and I’m looking forward to Malbec Mondays being a thing.

So I’m over a few hurdles. The truth is, this is an amazing time in my life. Amazing times can be hard times, too!

I’m going to re-focus on those resolutions, the best that I can… and still make it a Year of Romance as Mr. Donovan and I explore a great new city together.

How is your year so far, everybody? I’d love to hear in the comments! If it’s going great, I’m happy for you! And if you’ve hit some snags, the year is still young and good things may be in the near future. Thanks for reading, and have a great week!