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Since some of us are doing NaNoWriMo, I’m curious whether you’d like to have WIP Wednesday on a weekly basis just through November? Or would that be more often then you’d be willing to share, anyway? Let me know what you think!

After months of posting excerpts from paranormal romance, I’m sharing something from the beginning of my super-sweet contemporary romance project. This is the one that’s under a tight deadline, so I’m hoping to get the first 75,000-word draft complete during NaNo. Oh my goodness, wish me luck.

In this scene, our hero first meets our heroine. Usually, my characters only have a little of me in them. But I really see this hero and heroine as two different sides of me, and it’s the kind of dynamic I was writing about a while back when I posted about Manic Pixie Dream Girls.



Dylan sat down at the counter of Dolce Café and Bakery with his large mug of black coffee. As he opened his laptop and pulled up the Powerpoint presentation, he regretted taking the whole Sunday off. It was too easy to slack off on the weekends, and it always made Mondays worse.

If he finished the deck in the next hour and drove into work, he’d be able to print it out and check it before putting it on his boss’s desk at 9 a.m. He’d learned the hard way, right after he’d started working at the investment banking firm, that errors were much harder to catch onscreen.

A woman with sleek brown hair sat down in the chair right next to him. Odd. There were other empty seats. She didn’t seem to notice him, though, as she set a whipped-cream-topped beverage in front of her. A pumpkin spice latte, no doubt, given the time of year.

In fact, her purple dress was printed with little orange pumpkins, so it was a good bet that she was a big fan of fall. Where did a grown woman even buy a dress like that? He could just imagine one of the women in his office showing up for a meeting in something like that instead of their usual tailored clothing in gray and black. Honestly, it would be hilarious—unless they got sent home, a distinct possibility, which would be awkward and sad.

This woman looked to be a little younger than his own age of thirty-six, though the purple pumpkin dress no doubt contributed to that impression. So did the slight smile on her face, and the bright pink lipstick that contrasted with her pale complexion. She dug through a huge, shiny yellow purse and pulled out a turquoise book. It was like sitting next to a rainbow.

She looked up at him. Busted. He hadn’t meant to stare at her. “Hi, how are you,” she said in a tone of polite good cheer.

He didn’t even have time for a conversation, even if she was really cute—and okay, she was, in a quirky way.

“Eh, it’s Monday,” he said.

Why had that come out of his mouth? One of the assistants at his office always said it. When he had been working all Sunday, he’d think to himself in a surly way, Thanks, I know what day it is.

“Best day of the week,” the woman quipped and opened her book, apparently finished with the conversation.

Wait, what?

Nobody thought that. Maybe she wore all those bright colors because she was, in fact, a crazy person. An adorable crazy person, but still.

He focused on his laptop screen and looked at the five-year projections in the appendix. He still needed to adjust them, based on a new input…

No. This was bugging him too much. He turned back to the woman and demanded, “How is Monday the best day of the week?”


WIP Wednesday Bryn Donovan


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