Last week I wrote about how much my online friends have meant to me over the years, and I gave a shoutout to the now-defunct site 43Things. One of the friends I made on 43T, a foodie and rescue dog enthusiast, introduced me to the concept of Clean Slate Monday. (Thanks, John!)

Clean Slate Monday is a way of embracing Monday as the best day of the week. Most people view Monday as a drag, because they’re going back to work or school. But let’s face it: if you only enjoy Saturday and Sunday, you’re not enjoying life.

To me, Clean Slate Monday means that no matter how messy, hectic, or disappointing last week was, guess what? It’s over now! You get a whole fresh new week!



Maybe this week is going to treat you better. More important, maybe you’re going to treat yourself better.

Maybe you’re going to worry a little less and enjoy yourself a little more. After all, this week is only coming around once, and it’s a time that you’ll get nostalgic for later. If you were 110 years old, you’d probably go back to this week in a hot minute. So go ahead and appreciate the good stuff.

If you messed up last week, well, forget about it, or re-write that history, if you choose. Either way, it’s gone. It’s Clean Slate Monday.

And if last week was amazing? (I’ll go ahead and admit here that last week was amazing for me.) Even better! You’ve got another week to prolong those good vibes.

Maybe this week you’re going to be more of the person you want to be. Maybe you’re going to kick ass.

Every Sunday night, I write down my week’s schedule and set goals in my planner. I love doing this. (I have all these pretty stickers, which helps.)

And honestly? I never accomplish everything I set out to accomplish in the course of a week.

But I get a lot of it done. And one of the reasons is that I have a great attitude toward Monday. I wake up and think, “Yes! Let’s do this!”

If it’s useful to you, then adopt the idea of Clean Slate Monday. And if you want to share any thoughts about how to get the week off to a good start, or what you’re looking forward to this week, please leave a comment! Happy Monday, and have a great week!