Soldiers, shifters, ghosts, and immortal cells… here’s what I read and enjoyed in the past month!

I’ve explained this before, but I never give negative reviews, because if I’m not into a book, I stop reading it. I figure it might not even be a bad book… maybe it’s just not for me.

But these books were great!


Be Not Afraid, Alyssa Cole.

February 2016 Recommended Reads #romance

This Revolutionary War romance novella is just my kind of story — it’s emotional, dramatic, and fast-paced, with a strong, compassionate hero. When Elijah and Kate meet, they have chosen different sides of the conflict, both motivated by promises of freedom. Ms. Cole perfectly evokes the historical setting, and I loved the ending.


The Mammoth Book of Southern Gothic Romance, edited by Trisha Telep.

February 2016 Recommended Reads #books #romance

My wonderful sister-in-law sent me this book more than a year ago. I was delighted! And then I lost it immediately! Booo.

Well, just as I was writing a haunted Southern romance, it turned up again. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. I lose and find things all the time.

These stories are filled with decrepit mansions, Spanish moss, ghosts and shifters, and fried chicken. I loved most of the stories. My favorites were the beguiling and deeply weird “Sweet the Sting” by Dianne Sylvan, “Wylde Magic” by Erin Kellison, “Return to Me” by Elle Jasper, and “Savage Rescue” by Shelli Stevens.

Amazon has this 512-page paperback at $8 right now, which is a great deal.


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot.

February 2016 Recommended Reads #books

This is where everyone who reads my blog thinks, “Oh yeah, I read that.” Mr. Donovan and I were literally the last people on the planet to read it. I knew I would love it, since everyone does, and I did. It’s a fascinating story that touches on racism, history, medicine, and ethics. Henrietta Lacks’s daughter Deborah is someone I will never forget.

A good deal of this book is about the story of writing it, and I found Ms. Skloot’s tenacity so inspiring.


Have you read anything you loved lately? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!