Hey friends! I don’t discuss my day job too much on my blog, but every once in a while I get excited about something and want to tell you about it. I have two books for little kids in the Hallmark Gold Crown stores right now!

How are they high-tech? On each page, the kid swipes their finger across part of the illustration, which brings up all kinds of sound effects and extra dialogue. I’m really impressed with what the team did — the sound quality is high, and it’s much longer and more elaborate than I expected.

That action is written into the story, which made writing these a challenge: for each spread, I had to think of things like catching a monkey in a net or throwing a pizza at an alien, But I think the stories came out really well!

The first one, Ava the Animal Rescuer, features a little girl who helps all kinds of animals out of dangerous situations. Yes, she’s kind of young to be flying her own helicopter. In the first draft, she had a grown-up pilot, but he wasn’t bringing much to the story. As the owner of two rescue dogs, this project is near and dear to my heart.

In the second one, Intergalactic Treasure Hunt, space twins Hydro and Jen (see what I did there?) hunt for treasure, outwit a big bad space pirate, and solve the problem of their broken gamma ray oven. I love outer space stories, so this was so much fun to write.

I’m really pleased to have two books out in which little girl characters are essentially action heroes. I can’t wait to show some of my nieces and nephs!