Hey there! This is part of a series on developing fictional characters using supposed traits of zodiac signs. Whether you believe in astrology or not, it’s a fun way to think about personality types.

Today we’re looking at Sagittarius. Of all the zodiac signs, it is the hardest to spell, and it’s the sign of the centaur who likes to shoot things with arrows.

I think of Sagittariuses as entertaining wanderers with hidden depths. But I am no astrology expert, and I always like to hear other people’s opinions! Let’s take a closer look.


Zodiac Traits - Write a Sagittarius Character! #astrology #writing

Here are some positive traits of a Sagittarius:





seeker of wisdom

And here are some not-so-positive traits:







As a friend…

A Sagittarius friend will talk over your problems with you, and then get you to go out somewhere and do something new to forget about them. You can count on a Sagittarius friend being straight with you… even when blunt honesty was the last thing you wanted.

As a lover…

If a Sagittarius is interested in you, she’ll let you know, and she’ll make your life exciting. Here’s the thing, though: it’s hard to tie her down. If you’re willing to go on adventures with her, it might work out great!

As a parent…

A Sagittarius parent doesn’t let kids get in the way of his desire to see the world and explore new things. Instead, he brings them along. He doesn’t have too much patience for tedious parenting tasks, and his child may sometimes long for more stability and routine.

As a villain…

A Sagittarius antagonist may sacrifice others’ wants and needs for her own desire for fun and adventure. A Sagittarius villain’s search for yearning and wisdom may have gone haywire, leading her to fanaticism. Truthfulness is usually a virtue, but her inability to deceive may turn out to be a fatal flaw.

Here are a few examples, I think, of the adventurous, funny, cocky Sagittarius personality!

Dean Winchester, Supernatural. (Do you guys know how hard it is to find the quintessential Dean Winchester gif?)

Zodiac Traits - Write a Sagittarius Character! #writing #astrology

River Song, Doctor Who.

Zodiac Traits - Write a Sagittarius Character! #writing #astrology

Mal Reynolds, Firefly.

Zodiac Traits - Write a Sagittarius Character! #astrology

(Is that font Papyrus? I have a confession. I like Papyrus.)

I’ve heard it suggested that Merida is a Sagittarius, but I did not see the movie. She does have a bow, but that alone doesn’t prove anything.

Zodiac Traits - Write a Sagittarius Character! #astrology #writing


Any other thoughts about the Sagittarius profile? Let me know! Happy writing!

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