I have a big caveat at the beginning of this post, which is that I hardly watch any TV. It’s not a snobbery thing at all — I think anyone can see that from my monthly book reviews. It’s just that my major form of vegging-out entertainment is chatting online.

Every year I watch either Supernatural and maybe one other show, usually involving something paranormal, or I just watch SupernaturalI tried to love Sense8, which on paper looks like a bunch of people got together to make the perfect show for me, and I couldn’t get into it. I’m pretty sure it’s actually terrific and this is just my fault.

So I may not be a good TV critic. But I’m really enjoying Blindspot and although it’s not a geek-specific show, if you’re kind of a geek who likes magical and/or scifi stuff, I think you might like it, too.

The people who don’t like it just find it completely implausible, which it is, and which is almost never a complaint I make about anything. The closest comparison I can make to Blindspot is Alias.

If You're Geeky You Might Like Blind Spot, to Be Honest

Jaimie Alexander plays the lead, who is generally known as Jane. You might know Alexander as Sif, the fellow warrior of my fave Marvel hero, Thor. Jane also has sweet fighting skills, along with retrograde amnesia and tattoo clues and mysteries covering her entire body. She’s frequently confused and pretty lonely, as you might expect.

I love amnesia stories. The Bourne movies are my jam. (I read the first novel, and it was some of the worst prose I had ever read, but I still enjoyed the story.) What is identity without memories? Is it freeing in some ways to not have them?

If You're Geeky You Might Like Blind Spot, to Be Honest

Kurt Weller, the other main character, seems at first like he’s going to be a standard, stoic, gruff kind of FBI guy. He fails at being stoic almost immediately and has old obsessions and issues and lots of emotions, so of course I like him.

If You're Geeky You Might Like BLIND SPOT, To Be Honest

Marianne Jean-Baptiste is Bethany Mayfair, everybody’s boss, and she has many secrets. I really liked her in The Cell, a movie I LOVED that no one else I know has seen. (Roger Ebert gave it 4 stars.)

As far as the rest of the team goes: I don’t know much about this guy Edgar Reade yet,  but he might be the most sensible of the bunch…

If You're Geeky You Might Like Blind Spot, to Be Honest

There’s this lady, Tasha Zapada, who’s former NYPD and solid in the field, but… well, I’m not going to say.

If You're Geeky You Might Like Blind Spot, to Be Honest

And then there’s Patterson (is it her first name? her last name?), a smart dork with an equally adorkable boyfriend.

If You're Geeky You Might Like Blind Spot, to Be Honest

This guy, Dr. Borden, is Jane’s shrink. I think he’s a pretty good doctor…

If You're Geeky You Might Like Blind Spot, to Be Honest

But I didn’t like him telling Jane she should establish boundaries between her and Kurt Weller. I don’t want them to have boundaries. I want them to kiss. Obviously.

But that will happen regardless, and even though Jane doesn’t remember anything… well, okay, I won’t give away any spoilers because the point of this post is maybe you would like to watch the show?


You would think that on a show about a stunning tattooed lady, we would be seeing her naked all the time. Mostly, though, she’s running around shooting bad guys or beating them up, if you like that kind of thing, which I do.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 10.36.13 AM

Oh! And what makes this show a truly nerdy delight? All the episode titles are anagrams! Woe Has Joined (Who Is Jane Doe), Sent On Tour (Trust No One), and so on.

So check it out, if you want to and you haven’t already! And now that you know what I like (fighting, romance, mysterious symbols), let me know if there are any shows I’m missing out on!