Hi, y’all! This is the sixth post in my series about using the personality types in astrology to create characters. Even if you like to do character worksheets or other methods of character development, this is a fun place to start. Let’s take a look at the classic Virgo profile!

Zodiac Traits: Writing a VIRGO Character #astrology

Here are some positive traits of a Virgo.







And here are some not-so-positive traits:



fragile ego

easily stressed


As a coworker…

It’s great to have a Virgo on the team. She can solve intricate problems, she never misses a deadline, and she has the neatest work station in the department. If a work process is inefficient, she makes brilliant suggestions for streamlining it.  However, she may not be tolerant of other people’s irrational quirks or unusual approaches to the job at hand. She might nag you for leaving your dirty coffee mug in the sink, but hey — she’s right.

As a lover…

A Virgo won’t fall head-over-heels right away. His aversion to messiness may very well extend to matters of the heart, making him slow to commit. He appreciates intelligence and needs to be with someone who respects his preference for routines. Once he’s yours, he’s very loyal.

Some people have the idea that the typical Virgo hates sex. This doesn’t sound right to me. I’m guessing he remembers all the little things you like, and in the bedroom, he’s extremely thorough.

As a parent…

A Virgo parent sets up efficient routines to get the kids everywhere they need to be, get them to do everything they need to do, and keep the home in order. He takes a particular interest in his children’s health and nutrition, bordering on the excessive. He may be over-critical of their cleanliness, their schoolwork, or their habit of misplacing things. However, his kids feel secure because they always know what to expect.

As a villain…

A Virgo adversary may offer nonstop criticism. A flat-out evil Virgo may believe that she is cleaning up some kind of mess in society. She may want to simply eliminate people who don’t follow rules or routines. Because she’s intelligent and detail-oriented, she’s difficult to outwit, but if you catch her off-guard, she’s not the best at improvising.

In American TV shows and movies, the Virgo-like character is too often treated as a pain the ass who needs to learn how to relax. This seems a bit one-sided. In real life, Virgos can also inspire others to get their act together and set higher standards for themselves. I say this as someone who is nowhere near being a Virgo!

Here are some pop culture examples of the analytical, intelligent, and perhaps a bit critical Virgo personality.

Hermione Granger, the Harry Potter series.

Zodiac Traits: Write a Virgo Character

Simon Tam, Firefly.

Zodiac Traits: Write a Virgo Character #atrology #writing

Monica Geller, Friends.

Zodiac Traits: Write a Virgo Character #astrology #writing

Dana Scully, The X-Files.

Zodiac Traits: Write a Virgo Character! #astrology #writing

Probably Spock? What do you think?

Zodiac Traits: Write a Virgo Character #astrology #writing


If you have any thoughts about Virgos, let me know in the comments! Happy writing!

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