This isn’t my clever idea — it is author Kelley Lenhart’s, and I borrowed it with her kind permission because I thought it was so much fun!

The idea here is that you come up with an alternate title for your book as though it were a clickbait headline for an article on the internet instead. You know those headlines. I think Upworthy may have pioneered them, but lots of people use them. They’re like:

This Guy Got Kicked Out Of The Gym. His Response Is Brilliant.

What Happens When a Cat Meets an Iguana? You Won’t Believe It!

This Is No Ordinary Dance Recital… At :41, My Jaw Drops.

Here’s one that fits my story.

He Was Going to Kill Her For Being An Evil Witch… What Happened Next Will Melt Your Heart.

What clickbait headline would you give your WIP? Let me know in the comments! And feel free to link to your blog, if you have one!