Last month I asked people to share a bit of their work in progress–and they did! It was so much fun and so inspiring, so I’m doing it on the first Wednesday of every month.

I’ve been working really hard on a nonfiction book, so I’m going to share a paragraph from my completed paranormal romance, The Phoenix Codex, which is the first in a planned trilogy. It still really is a work in progress, because I’m always fiddling with it and making tiny changes. Is that the way you are, too? The poet Paul Valery said once that “A poem is never finished – only abandoned,” and I think perhaps a novel is never finished until it’s published.

Anyway, here’s a little bit of it!

His gaze on me was steady. “What are you thinking about?”

“You’re the mind reader,” I said.

A whisper of a smile crossed his face. “I can’t do it without physical contact.”

My heart stuttered. “That’s what I was thinking about.”

He crushed my lips under his in a fierce kiss. Immediately, my mouth parted under his, inviting him to go deeper. Liquid heat poured through me.

Breaking off the kiss, he tugged my lower lip between his teeth, and a small sound came from the back of my throat.

I was still sitting on the edge of the low bed. He stripped off my tank top and knelt between my knees, the better to give and to take. His mouth assaulted mine again, one of his hands cupping the back of my skull, his thumb grazing across my jaw. He hauled my hips to fit against him and through his jeans, his emphatic hardness pressed against me.

I wrapped my hands around his back, then froze as I touched his stitches. Fearing I had caused him pain, I moved my hands to his shoulders instead.

Please give us some of what you’re working on in the comments! You can give us some context, or none, as you like. Less than a page, please, but if you want to share something shorter, that is fine. Last week I said five sentences, but that really wasn’t enough for people. I hope your writing is going great!