Welcome to your Hall of Trophies. It must have been years since you’ve visited, and as you can imagine, your collection has grown quite a bit.

Yes, we keep the lights dim, the climate carefully controlled. Each award is a valuable work of art–some made of 22K gold, a few studded with rare gems. My favorite ones, in the back, are enameled like Fabergé eggs.

These are all of your triumphs.

You don’t think they are yours? Well, this is awkward. I assure you they are.

Some of them are victories in your relationships with family and friends. Others, you earned at school, at work, and pursuits that utilize your many talents. Some, of course, are spiritual achievements–acts of kindness, generosity, self-control.

Look closer, on the engraved plate on the front of each trophy. I think you’ll remember days and moments that you have long forgotten–or, in your modesty, never gave yourself credit for in the first place.

I’m afraid you do have, if you don’t mind my saying, a habit of letting your victories pass without fanfare. Sometimes they go by without even a comment. I know you often consider them small, even when they really aren’t. Naturally, that is your choice, and I will only say if you did choose to celebrate them more fully, you might enjoy it.–Well, it’s truly not place to advise you.

You recall more failures than triumphs? That might be–again, forgive me–because you dwell on them more. But yes, there were times that you, so to speak, tripped over the last hurdle and fell on your face. There were bad starts, when everyone else sprinted forward while you still crouched at the starting line. And obviously, there were weeks of training and slogging and persevering despite injuries.

All trophies have obstacles behind them. That’s how trophies work. That’s not a cause for shame, but exactly the opposite.

I hope you can be inspired by all the victories you’ve earned so far. The time you got hired–and the time you got promoted. The bad habit you broke, or the good habit you started. The story or painting you completed, or the diploma you earned. The Christmas or birthday gift that the other person loved. The time you spent with a child or a friend that left them feeling good about themselves.

The times you were brave. The times you were good. The times you just plain survived. The times you made the most of a day.

Don’t kid yourself–it’s impressive. It’s like being successful and overcoming difficulties just comes naturally to you.

And can I tell you a secret? There’s a reason why you happened to visit here today.

Just yesterday we rented a bigger hall–much bigger. Because according to our information, your best season starts now.